Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission

Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission

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Best Courses for MBA Aspirants at TISS

With a good score in TISSNET 2021 and TISS MAT 2021, candidates will be offered the admission opportunity in coveted M.A. courses at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. These TISS Masters degree programmes are at par with various MBA programmes offered by top MBA colleges in India.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

The Courses at TISS are offered in multiple disciplines ranging from social sector to policy making. The Master Degree courses for which an MBA aspirant can apply are MA in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations, MA in Social Entrepreneurship and MA in Globalization and Labor. TISS NET is a moderate difficulty level test with major thrust on GK section. Admission to TISS is through TISSNET. Some of the programmes in Social Health may only have a descriptive paper. The coveted MA (HRM & LR) at TISS is considered equivalent to an MBA in HR

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

TISS NET 2021 Important Dates

Sr No. TISSNET 2021 Activity TISSNET 2021 Important Dates
I Admission Application Opens October 15, 2020
II Last Date for Online form APPLICATION / REGISTRATION for All Master’s programmes November 30, 2020
III Last Date for receipt of application form by post December 3, 2020
IV Issue of TISS-NET Hall Ticket Online (TISSNET 2021 Admit Cards) December 18-19, 2020
V Pre-admission orientation Programme for SC/ST/OBC/Minority and PWD candidates will be held at Mumbai/Tuljapur/Hyderabad and Guwahati Campuses December 22-23, 2020
VI TISSNET 2021 Exam Date January 9, 2021 (2 PM to 3.40 PM)
VII Announcement of TISS-NET 2021 Result

(Candidates who appeared for the national entrance test will have to visit the TISS website and login to download your score card.)

February 5, 2021 at 5 PM
 VIII Pre-Interview Test and Personal Interview at TISS for programmes offered at Mumbai, Tuljapur, Hyderabad, Guwahati and BALM, Chennai Campuses. March 11 to 21, 2021
IX  Announcement of Selection Merit List on TISS website for all the Programmes April 21, 2021 (After 5 PM)

What are the Benefits of Doing an MBA?

Choosing to pursue an MBA after graduation is considered to be the stepping stone to a top-notch professional. It is not a wonder why this is a prevailing trend among most of the students and even working professionals today.

The decision of enrolling in an MBA program can be truly rewarding for aspiring global managers.

It is believed that an MBA degree can easily turn things around in favor of anyone who wishes to set up their business venture or land a high profile managerial job.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

The MBA subjects and syllabus are tailored to deliver the knowledge, strategies, and experience that is essential in today’s world for being successful professionally.

In 2016-17, almost two lakhs students completed an MBA degree to land up in a better career prospect. So, it’s understandable as to why MBA courses are becoming popular each year.

Besides, there is a bunch of benefits of doing an MBA beyond just professional goals and career.

Let us take a look at them.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

Boost In Self-Confidence

According to a study, 85% of the population all over the world suffer from low self-confidence (source).

Although, if you pursue an MBA, it will help in enhancing your self-confidence. A survey was conducted on the graduates of MBA about – non-financial benefits that they earned by achieving this degree.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

There, the majority of their answers were all about the boost in self-confidence. The sense of high achievement and completion of a Master degree would be boosting confidence in self.


An MBA is the best way to establish your credibility in this highly competitive market of today. There are many ways to get this done, but an MBA from a good college will automatically work wonders for you.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

Getting the post of volunteers for a valuable project and stretching all the limitations to show off the hidden talent is quite a good option. Similar to it there are several ways, anyhow, none of them is as powerful as an academic version of credibility in the business world, an MBA degree is the only key for it.

Transferable Skills

The knowledge that is gained by an MBA holder is relevant for all industries, and not just specific to a particular industry or channel. Hence the person gets a more versatile exposure to ideas, and skills regardless of the industrial line.

MBA focuses on leadership, analytical thinking, communication and creativity which are the key demands of every single industry for success.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

In short, the MBA graduate can avail the best out of their knowledge in various fields; unlike the career-specific degrees, i.e. medical degree or teaching credential.

Value Addition to Resume

Another significant benefit attached to completing an MBA degree is that it would be adding greater value to the resume of an individual. Surveys have proved that the various companies or recruiters tend to attach greater value to a resume that includes the degree of an MBA from a reputable college.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

A rich resume will automatically do the talking on your behalf. Further, a resume with MBA degree holds more value and would be helping the graduate to easily unlock the best job opportunities with some really good compensation packages for them.

Strategic Thinking

All the MBA graduates are trained and groomed to think with a strategic bent of mind which will not be only helping them in business but in all spheres of life.

** Best Courses for MBA Aspirants TISS Direct Admission **

A developed strategic mind would easily empower them to meet the personal and financial goals systematically easily. An MBA course generally sharpens the mind of the person and always enforces them to think out of the box.

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