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Expected SNAP Cutoff MBA Direct Admission SIBM

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru was established in 2008 as a constituent of Symbiosis International University with the aim of imparting world-class education to students and transforming them into top-notch leaders of the corporate world.

At SIBM-B, eminent faculty from across the country, holistic learning-focussed pedagogy, passion-driven students and world-class facilities meet the epicenter of knowledge to create the future business leaders. Sign’s you are ready for MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bang for Session 2024.

SIBM Bangalore is a good college for MBA. As per the analysing report of Careers 360 it has AAA+ rating which means good. It takes the admission through SNAP.

SIBM Bengaluru envisions a management education with a “quantitative difference” by focusing on data analytics across all specializations.

Decision making and analytical skills are developed in the students through the use of a case-based method of teaching and simulations.

Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management or popularly known as SIBM Bangalore offers MBA in various specializations.

The college also offers an MBA Executive program for working professionals for a duration of two and a half years. MBA admission is based on an entrance test namely- SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test).

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Sign's you are ready for MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bang
Sign’s you are ready for MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bang for 2024 Session

 MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bangalore

You’ve reached out professional development: If you find yourself stagnating in your present role or that you’ve plateaued in your job and there’s no room for upward mobility, an MBA can help you navigate and leverage your next career step. The business school experience will show you how to integrate your skills, passions and goals against the backdrop of current global market conditions.

You want pursue a new professional goal: Once you’re in business school, you have the opportunity to see how you fit in that new industry through coursework, student groups, internships or networking with alumni. Self-reflection and exploration are key components of the MBA experience, giving students a chance to sample various fields and functions without making any firm commitments.

To move ahead in your current job: Earning an MBA can reassure supervisors who seem reluctant about promoting you because of your age or limited years of work experience. It shows that you’re a go-getter who will do whatever it takes to continue growing and developing personally and professionally.

To gain specific skills that are taught in business school: Business school provides a safe space to experiment and hone those skills in a variety of situations. For applicants with strong technical expertise but who are light on general management skills or anyone looking to bridge the gap between the liberal arts and business, an MBA will catapult you to the next level.

Recognizing yourself whether you are fit for an MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bangalore

(Sign’s you are ready for MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bang for 2024 Session, Get Direct MBA Admission with Low SNAP Score for 2024 Session)

  • Do you think you can take up two years of an extremely hectic life, which will challenge you every day? If handled properly, it can be an amazing learning experience. Else, it can turn into pain.
  • Do you like taking up leadership opportunities? Probably if you took leadership roles or any other responsibilities in undergrad.
  • Are you ready to take that extra step to achieve your aims?
  • Do you think you are good at making contacts and forming networks?
  • Do you want to enter into corporate life? It can be cruel, it can be rewarding.
  • Are you ready to experiment and break established norms?
  • Do you think you can hold your own among a group of extremely smart and talented people?

Things That Make SIBM Bengaluru Unique

(Sign’s you are ready for MBA Direct Admission SIBM Bang for 2024 Session, Get Direct MBA Admission with Low CAT Score for 2024 Session)

Education with a Quantitative Difference: Right from the day you step into its premises, this institute helps you start thinking from a quantitative, specific and result-oriented point of view.

Bloomberg Terminal: From last year on, the college has administered the use of a Bloomberg Terminal for academic and research purposes. This has not only given us an edge over other top-tier B-schools but is fascinating in the sense that all of our students have an immense database of important, useful, global information at their disposal at the click of a button.

Therapy: Alright, enough with the rhetoric, theoretical plus points. The nerd section needs to take a backseat and all the pet lovers – come right to the front! Now that you’re away from home and are missing your fur balls of happiness, we help you with this too! For every scratch, bark and ‘fetch’ command you miss – we bring to you our in-house Labradors- Birr and Baht. After a long day filled with assignments and presentations, those puppy eyes and tummy-rub sessions are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Mentors, not just Professors: The reason for our superior growth holds a strong base in how strong our fundamentals have been and how sturdy our foundation actually is. Here at SIBM Bengaluru, we are taught by stalwarts from within and outside the industry. Our faculty consists of inspiring academicians and well-honed veterans from the corporate world.

Prime Element “Infrastructure”: When you talk about infrastructure – you name it, the college has it. From facilities that span over a wide variety of sports, to top-notch classrooms (where you’ll probably be spending 80% of your day. I’m kidding, relax. 70%) and a well-equipped library along with dedicated spaces for learning and research – every feasible infrastructural need felt by a student has been catered to.

Corporate Engagement: The most sought after reward that any B-school has to offer is its placement opportunities. I can confidently vouch for the fact that SIBM B has managed to attract and engage the biggest corporate conglomerates. These engagements help in the holistic development of our students, which is showcased at B-school events, summer internships, and corporate competitions, and so on.

Awaken Your Inner Spirit: Utthaan is one event, with a bifocal purpose – to provide a day of fun for the underprivileged children of the society and also to help budding managers understand the importance of compassion. So tell me how long it has been since you felt like a kid – 5 years? 10 years? Forever? This event is guaranteed to wake the inner child in us and make us feel wonderful again.

SIBM Bengaluru: Yes, you’ve read it right! SIBM Bengaluru has been organizing TEDx talks at the college premises since 2012. At SIBM Bengaluru, the college envisions that the cumulative effect created by the speeches, videos, and interactions with the eminent personalities combines to spark profound discussions and inspire minds.

SNAP Expected Cutoff (2021)

Given below is the overall SNAP expected cutoff percentile of SNAP 2021 for admission to the MBA batch of 2022.

InstituteExpected SNAP 2021 cut off (percentile)
SIBM, Pune98.5
SCMHRD, Pune96
SIIB, Pune93
SIBM, Bangalore90
SIOM, Nashik87
SICSR, Pune82
SITM, Pune83
SIMS, Pune77
SCIT, Pune76
SSMC, Bangalore75
SIMC, Pune73
SSBF, Pune60
SIHS, Pune58
SIBM, Hyderabad58
SSSS, Pune55

SNAP Selection Criteria and Admission Procedure

Follow SNAP result declaration, SIU and its constituent institutes begin shortlisting of candidates on the basis of SNAP cut off.

Admission through SNAP includes Group Exercise (GE), Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). SNAP selection procedure is likely to begin in the second week of February 2024 and end by fourth week of the same month. The schedule of Group Exercise (GE), Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) will be announced later.

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