Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

The city of Bangalore has been ranked as the best business destination in India. A comprehensive study by various global surveys also proves that Bangalore is the best place to study MBA programs due to the presence of niche B-Schools and management institutes in the city.

Over the last few years, MBA colleges in Bangalore have become a hot destination for many MBA aspirants who dream of having an MBA degree in their portfolio. With the proliferation of a greater number of MBA colleges, Bangalore has become a one-stop solution for pursuing an MBA degree.

The country’s top-notch educational institutes like IIM-Bangalore, Christ University, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Xavier Institute of Management Studies, IFIM Business School, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, etc are some of the top educational institutes that have their presence in Bangalore. or call Contact @www.direct-mba.com  Call @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra) || 9742886036 (Anis) || 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam) ||


Reasons for choosing to do an MBA in Bangalore

Top-Notch Institutes in City

India has top-class institutions that offer MBA programs and Bangalore stands first in this list. With world-class institutions like IIM-B and Christ University, the city has been considered as the best among the top for MBA programs. The colleges in Bangalore have both infrastructure and the resource of exceptional degrees and the institutes have global collaborations with all the multinational companies in Bangalore. The MBA colleges also enjoy strong collaborations with the best institutes of the world, for high-class and quality education. All these factors make the colleges of Bangalore the best institutes for MBA programs.

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

MBA Education Hub

Consequently, the city has witnessed the mushrooming of many business schools and management institutes offering a variety of specializations in MBA such as Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Management, Aviation Management, International Relations, Global Business Management, Human Resource Management, etc. Bangalore is the home to some of the top-ranked MBA colleges in the country. The MBA colleges are industrially acclaimed and have received rave reviews from various national and international ranking agencies and top magazines of the country.

Most of the MBA colleges in the city have cutting edge technologies like Wi-Fi enabled campuses, libraries, world-class hostel facilities, health centers, gyms, cafeterias, snack bars and also come with a host of amenities for the convenience stay for students.


Getting an MBA from Bangalore is cheaper and cost-effective. The cost of education is less in Bangalore when compared to foreign countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. All the peripheral costs that a student has to bear is very low when compared to other countries. The accommodation and food are also very affordable in Bangalore.

Moreover, all the colleges provide scholarships for the students which can reduce the cost of fees to almost half. The excellent hostel facilities are in place at very affordable rates, so that it does act as a burden for the students. The colleges have also tied up with various international universities to offer student exchange programs in the MBA courses.

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Better Industry Exposure

Bangalore, is the IT hub of the country. The IT industry connection is excellent between the colleges and top MNCs of the globe. The MBA students can easily get placed in these top MNCs and at better packages. Some surveys claim that on average an MBA student from Bangalore is easily given a starting salary package of 10 to 20 lakhs per annum. This is very much higher when compared to MBA students from other cities. The colleges regularly invite industry experts from different parts of the world to conduct workshops and symposiums for the MBA students in Bangalore, which is not the case with other colleges of India.

The top MNCs of the globe always prefer the students with MBA from reputed colleges. The industries are having a tendency to hire MBA students from Bangalore, this is because the MBA colleges of Bangalore have a proven track record of quality education and companies look for students with high-class management skills and good expertise in management studies. All these are developed in students by all the MBA colleges of Bangalore.

The city is blooming with its IT and Non- IT sectors which gives a scope of quality of B-Schools to study business. The cosmopolitan status of Bangalore makes it easier to study consumer behavior and business for MBA students due to close contact with a diverse set of cultures.

Many tech giants have invested millions of dollars to develop their excellence centers in Bangalore. This has further boosted the IT revolution in Bangalore with more and more job opportunities being created especially in the management field for MBA students.

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Start-Up Capital

Bangalore is the home for a lot of start-ups that have magnified into the best MNCs of the world. The best examples are Flipkart, Paytm, Zomato, Swiggy, Infosys, Ola Cabs, and many more. There is a huge number of start-ups in Bangalore and it is estimated that nearly 10,000 start-ups have their presence in Bangalore.

The unique blend of global companies and start-ups makes Bangalore the best destination for MBA. Usually, MBA students are more interested in becoming entrepreneurs and Bangalore is the home for many entrepreneurs, it is the fact that students who have done their MBA in Bangalore have become extremely successful into business giants. The local government support is very much available for budding entrepreneurs and is aiding them to support the budding start-ups.

Lifestyle in Bangalore

Bangalore has acquired a cosmopolitan flavor that imbibes varied cultures. The lifestyle in the city is easy going and yet the most happening in the country. There is no dearth for entertainment in the city. The cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore embraces students from different cultures. There is no language barrier in Bangalore because all the languages of the country are widely spoken in Bangalore. It is a fact that life in Bangalore also fuels the development of excellent communication skills. The students from different parts of the world can easily survive in this bustling city. The cosmopolitan lifestyle has removed the language barriers in Bangalore and every student will feel comfortable here when it comes to language.

The food is also cosmopolitan and students from every part of the world can enjoy their own food in Bangalore. The best part is that the food is very affordable and students can get any type of food they like at affordable rates.

With the cool winters and good summer with mild rainfall, Bangalore enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, this makes the city the best place to study. Bangalore is considered the safest city in the country and parents are very comfortable sending their children who are aspiring to study MBA in Bangalore.

The students can have their pick of art, galleries, shopping malls, movie theatres, pubs, cafes & restaurants. The popular hangout zones like MG Road, Brigade Road, Koramangala, Indiranagar, etc are the best hangout joints with a bunch of restaurants and snack bars to satisfy your taste buds. The students can enjoy the best of their leisure time in the city with a number of recreational activities like Go Karting, Bowling, boating, swimming, trekking, etc. You ask for anything you will find the same in Bangalore.

Why choose a Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore?

Final Lines

Pursuing an MBA can be a major decision in a student’s life and it is essential for the students to have the MBAs from the best of MBA colleges in the country. The MBA from a reputed degree college can be the best stepping stone for a flourishing career in business and management.

It is a proven fact that all the management colleges in Bangalore have the best in quality education when it comes to MBA. The most important thing about Bangalore is that it is the hub for the IT revolution in the country. Every day new companies are taking shape in Bangalore to become the top MNCs of the world.

All these factors make Bangalore the best destination for MBA. The students can have the opportunity to groom themselves by joining MBA colleges in Bangalore and become successful management professionals in the future.

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