Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Well, the answer is yes. Students that aren’t able to pass on the cut-off standards to be eligible for the institutional degree next round of the MBA admission process.

If your condition is identical, then don’t feel disappointed! We are here to help and help you in picking the most exceptional MBA institution. Before you intend for Direct Admission in MBA, You must consult us. It’s completely free.

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?


MBA is becoming more and more popular amongst students from all streams with each passing day. The programs have with time also become one of the most pursued and sought-after courses that students today are investing their future in.  provides you services to choose the best colleges for MBA in Bangalore. For further more details. Call @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra) || 9742886036 (Anis) || 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam)

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

list of the MBA programs for graduates and working pro:

MBA: Master’s in Business Management or MBA is a 2 years program which helps You understand business & management skills.

It’s focused on core subjects such as finance, marketing, strategy, operations management, and human resources with different elective subjects to gain specialization in a particular area of interest. For MBA admission through management quota without donation call 9890074298

PGDM: Postgraduate Diploma in Management, also known as PGDM, is equal to an MBA degree with comparable specializations.

The sole difference is that an MBA degree is offered by Institutions recognized by UGC, and Institutions affiliated by AICTE can simply award diploma degrees.

PGDM degree provided by business schools in India is residential applications for a length of 1 to 2 years.

EMBA: Executive MBA or EMBA is a one-year     MBA program, especially for working professionals who wish to keep work full time and pursue a degree.

EMBA program is a 1-year app with weekend classes in the associations and online lectures through learning centers.

Distance MBA: Correspondence MBA or Distance MBA is 2 years program delivered through online courses.

The price of distance MBA is less than compared to traditional classroom-based MBA applications.

Distance MBA is for a working professional who doesn’t need to relocate or spend more money but still wants to pursue an MBA degree.

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Direct MBA admission through Management Quota

There are many M.B.A colleges with Management quota in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other states. In Maharashtra, there are Institute level seats.

You may get direct admission in top M.B.A college through Management quota or Institute level quota seats. Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra has confirmed that clarified 20% institute level seats can be offered through Management Quota.

The instructions issued by DTE for M.B.A admission through Management quota seats or Institute level seats are that the Director/Principal of the respective Un-aided Management institute shall invite applications for the seats available by giving publicity in at least two newspapers and on the website of the Institute.

Information brochure/prospectus of the Institute, which specifies rules of admittance, should be published well before the commencement of the process of admittance for the Institute Level/Minority Seats.

All the information in the brochures should also be displayed on the Institute’s website for M.B.A admittance through Management quota seats. M.B.A aspiring candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria shall apply directly to the Director/Principal of the respective institute for admittance.

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Advantage of M.B.A Management Quota Seats:

  • You can skip the preparation for entrance exams.
  • No need to attend the college level admission process.
  • Get a discount on college tuition fees for admission.

MBA Admissions:

  • Must have at least 55% or above in graduation.
  • Mayor May not have work experience.
  • Must be of 21 years of age or above.

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

Things Every M.B.A Student Should Do

Explore your interests: During your business school days, avail of all opportunities by participating in class discussions, industrial projects, and extra-curricular activities. Most leading institutes provide their students with a lot of support in the form of guidance and services. Take advantage of your leisure time to explore all avenues offered by your institute.

  1. Market trends: The corporate world demands professionals, not highly qualified students. What can set you apart from others is your level of awareness which indicates how much value you can add to a company. Begin by understanding business on a theoretical level and amplify it through practical exposure and on-field experiences.
  1. Networking: Starting from your first day at B-school, get into the habit of introducing yourself and talking to new people. This ability will help you meet a variety of people across ages and industries. You never know just when a group mail could result in you landing your first job!
  1. Communication skills: Irrespective of your field of interest and qualification, all professionals are expected to possess a certain degree of fluency in the language. While pursuing executive M.B.A courses, brush up on your communication skills. While your desk job may not warrant grades, it does call for confident and flawless presentation skills.
  1. Entrepreneurship: The biggest litmus test is starting a business of your own! Being a student entrepreneur proves that you can multi-task and this will surely result in a gold star on your resume as well as impressed future employers. Take advantage of mentorship programs and all the resources available for free to students.

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

MBA Placements:

Out of 20 IIMs, IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, although conclude final placements in February but they will publish their placement statistics after IPRS Audit in September 2020. IIM Lucknow does not publish the placement packages offered to its students. The placements 2020 were first concluded at many top M.B.A colleges like IIM Kozhikode, IIFT, SPJIMR, IMI among others.

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Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

MBA Specialization:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • E-Business/E-Commerce
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic/Risk Management
  • Technology Management

Are You Aware of MBA Direct Admission thru Management Quota?

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