Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission

Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission

Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission. GMAT aspirants often wonder: ‘Is my GMAT score good enough to secure a seat in a reputed college?’ or ‘What is the average GMAT score for top B-schools?’ Generally, GMAT score is not the only criteria for the selection process;

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Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission

There are four other factors which also influence the admission chances

(Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • A well descriptive but crisp resume
  • Transcripts and performance in co-curricular activities

G.M.A.T scores, however, play a crucial role in the admissions process. Though the average G.M.A.T scores are between 650 – 700+ for most of the top universities, it is always better to score closer to the higher score range rather than the lower. Some business schools in addition to accepting G.M.A.T scores also require candidates to submit their scores in English proficiency exams like – TOEFL, IELTS and PTE. The G.M.A.T exam has a duration of 3.5 hours and comprises of 4 main sections:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Integrated Reasoning

It’s been a trend in the last few years that average scoring test takers gain admissions into some of the best-ranked B-schools. Though few top b-schools raised the average G.M.A.T score bar for their MBA admissions in the past 4-5 years the number of colleges which have done so is very few in number

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Let’s look at the average GMAT scores of some of the top Indian business institutions

(Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

Average GMAT Scores Required for Top B-schools in India (2018-2019)

(Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

University/College Average GMAT Score (out of 800)
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad 706
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 700+
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad 700
XLRI, Jamshedpur 700
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 695
IMT, Ghaziabad 690
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow 680
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai 680
S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai 680
Indian Institute of Management, Indore 580+

GMAT 2019 Eligibility Criteria in India: (Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

GMAC follows uniform norms for every test aspirant across the globe. In India, the prospective test takers must meet the above-mentioned criteria to appear for GMAT 2019. There is no specific criterion for each country which the applicant has to satisfy before attempting the G.M.A.T exam.

FAQs about Eligibility for GMAT:

(Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

Q1. What is the upper age limit of GMAT 2019?

Ans: There is no upper age limit for G.M.A.T 2019.

Q2. What is the minimum age limit for GMAT 2019?

Ans: As per G.M.A.T eligibility criteria, the minimum age limit set by GMAC is 18 years. The test takers between the ages of 13-17 years are permissible to write down the exam after getting written consent from their parents or legal guardian. You can download the consent form from the official G.M.A.T website.

Q3. Is there any restriction with respect to nationality?

Ans: NO! There is no such restriction or hassle as far as your nationality is concerned. The rules and regulations and eligibility criteria are one and the same for all nations.

Q4. Is it essential to possess English eloquence or is it considered a key eligibility criterion for GMAT 2019?

Ans: As per G.M.A.T test rules, English fluency is not an eligibility criterion, since the Non-English speaking country residents can also take the test. Remember, the test evaluates English language skills through reading and writing. It is, therefore, recommended that you have a basic clear understanding and knowledge about the subject prior to applying for the test.

Q5. Is it mandatory to have Mathematics as a subject in graduation as an eligibility criterion for GMAT?

Ans: NO, there is no such prerequisite! Let’s reiterate that the test possesses a section focusing on the quantitative aptitude, therefore it is only essential to have a sound knowledge of basic and fundamental mathematical concepts about the subject before you attempt the exam.

Q6. Does my work experience from/in India hold well?

Ans: If you have work experience from Asian countries like India, Japan, and many others then like every other individual your work experience will be valuable. Most of the top universities admissions committees require its applicants to have a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience since they feel that such individuals will be better accustomed to adapt to the rigorous schedules of the MBA program.

Q7. Is a bachelor’s degree in any discipline mandatory to pursue an MBA?

Ans: No, G.M.A.T doesn’t require candidates to possess a degree in any specific field. Since the MBA is a master’s degree most of the universities will require the students applying for admission to at least have an undergraduate degree in any discipline which need not be restricted to management related subjects alone.

Q8. How many times can you attempt the GMAT exam?

Ans: G.M.A.T applicants can take the G.M.A.T test up to five times with a gap of 16 days from the previous attempt and eight times in total in their entire lifetime.

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Why GMAT Exam to Pursue MBA

(Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission)

More Options- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission. As GMAT score is accepted in 1700 universities and 3000+ colleges for more than 6000 programs. Appearing for this exam provides you with many options to apply. Your GMAT score is a universally recognized one and many colleges across the world will recognize the same and be ready to grant you admissions, unlike the CAT which is recognized only in India and can be used for admissions at colleges in India.

Long Validity- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission The CAT score is valid for one year whereas GMAT score is valid for five years. This provides you with a lot of flexibility since you can attempt the exam immediately after your graduation gain a few years of work experience, spend time to build your profile by completing online certifications, learning a new language etc. and then you can go ahead with your applications to various universities. On the other hand with the CAT exam you will be able to apply for admissions only that particular year you appeared for the exam and you will have to retake the exam if you would like to apply the following year.

The probability of Getting Selected- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission GMAT score is only an aspect of the selection criteria. With a phenomenal profile, you can get into a good B-school with a relatively low score, and if you have a moderate profile, you can compensate the lag by a good GMAT score. Most of the admissions committee will consider a candidate’s overall profile since they generally do not prefer individuals with only academic intelligence. They will require candidates who can bring to their university a lot of diversity and competencies. This is where a well written SOP, influential LOR’s, and any internships completed will come into play. All of the above could influence your admissions into a university.

You Don’t Lose a Complete Year- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission

In most of the aptitude tests, you waste a complete year by waiting for the exam to be conducted. You can write GMAT exam five times a year hence can prevent loss of one year. You also have the option to choose the exam date as per your convenience. The dates are available throughout the year and you needn’t waste precious time waiting for the GMAT exam dates. If you would like to improve your score as well then you can do so by attempting the exam once again, as mentioned above you can write the exam upto 5 times in a calendar year with a 16-day gap between every attempt.

Less Competition- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission Over the past five years, both the CAT and GMAT exams have shown a consistent rise in the number of applicants. However, the number of test takers for CAT is almost three times as much as the number of test takers for GMAT. Every year over 1.8 to 2 lakh students appear for the CAT exam competing for 10,000 -20,000 seats in the top management colleges across the country. As you can view from the given figures the odds of an individual gaining a seat through CAT exam is very slim as it tends to get extremely competitive. There are other factors like reservations etc which also makes it extremely difficult to gain admissions in India. This is however not the case when it comes to GMAT.

Study Abroad – Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission GMAT is one of the practical exams which opens the gateway to settling abroad which implies that the chances to improve your exposure, career opportunities, and salary are high if you appear for GMAT. There are several prominent companies overseas which look to provide job opportunities to several well deserving candidates. In addition to the offers being lucrative your career will also be set to advance in later years.

Less Preparation Effort- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission The GMAT test preparation takes around 3-4 months even if you start right from scratch. On an average, premium exams like CAT or XAT preparation take a minimum of 6 months. Since most of the topics from the GMAT exam are from middle school/high school levels it becomes a simpler task to study for the exam.

Good Option for Pro Candidates- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission It’s never too late to think about MBA even if you are a professional with more than 15 years. You are eligible to appear for GMAT as most of the top B-schools in USA and EUROPE prefer a well-experienced candidate. This is because they believe that such candidates will possess more competencies, maturity when compared to fresher’s.

Flexible Application Deadlines- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission You are a working professional and busy with work. CAT, XAT, NMAT exam dates are clashing with your schedule? No worries!! You can write GMAT exam at any point of time of the year. Some B-schools have 2-3 deadlines for applications. In case you are busy when one application cycle is about to end, there is still another chance to apply and save your precious time. You needn’t fret that if you miss a deadline then you will have wasted an entire year in the process.

Easiest Test for Non-Mathematics Student- Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission GMAT Quantitative section is very easy. So a student from the non-mathematics background can easily opt for this exam. This section mostly focuses on the basic high school and middle school math concepts like – Elementary Algebra, Geometry Concepts, Arithmetic, Number Systems etc

***Average GMAT Score for Top MBA B-Schools|Direct Admission***

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