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Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad

Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad

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MICA Ahmedabad Intake: 216 Students

Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad

The programme intake for PGDM-C and PGDM 2020-22 batch has been increased to 216. MICA is also expanding its intake with more students to be offered admission in PGDM 2020-22 batch.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

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PGDM Program Intake
Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communication (PGDM-C) 180
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) 36

MICA Placements

MICA Ahmedabad has a consistently high placement record. It concluded final placement 2019 achieving again 100 percent placement for its large batch of 180 students. MICA recorded steep rise in highest salary which has gone up at Rs.58.22 lakhs in 2019 from Rs.35.27 lakhs last year. Average salary in MICA Placement 2019 has gone up to Rs.12.80 lakhs.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

Despite a rise in 2017-19 batch size to 180 students from 173 students last year the hike in average and highest salary reflects the consistent growing demand of MICA students by the industry.

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Every 2 of the 5 students at MICA got PPOs in 2019 while the number of Recruiters increased to 78 in 2019 from 76 last year.

Amazon, Amul, Amway, Bajaj, Cadila, Citi, Cosmos, Decathlon, Deloitte, EY, Flipkart, Gulf Oil, Havells, HCL, HT Media, IBM, L’OREAL, Nestle, Raymond, RBL Bank, Samsung, Sony, TATA, Tolaram Group, USHA, Wipro were some of the prominent brands that recruited at MICA in Placement.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

What is management?

Management department is found in each and every organization or company. It takes care of the employees. Management process includes recruiting, training, development and management of employees to make them fit according to the organizational needs.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

How to become a management expert?

To become a management expert there are two very famous and reputed courses that organizations offer are PGDM (Post graduate diploma in management) and MBA (Masters in Business administration in management). These programs can help you to get a prominent position in your career pathway. Many students from different sectors of education after graduation attempt these courses to make the most benefit of it for their future career.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

On job students or interns also prefer to get professional management course to enhance their qualification and add up their skills to open more opportunities for them. Most people are not aware for the PGDM so they go for MBA, this happens because of the lack of knowledge and proper awareness of the PGDM program. In this article you will have a look at the advantages of PGDM and why should you choose PGDM over MBA?

What are the qualities of PGDM and what benefits you can avail after PGDM course?

Post graduate diploma in management (PGDM):

PGDM is a diploma in management; it is a full time course of two years. Only AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) approved institutions can offer this course. PGDM is equivalent of MBA from Institutions that are in accreditation of AIU (Association of Indian Universities).

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

Advantages of PGDM:

People consider that diploma is not equivalent to a degree and does not consider it as an education but PGDM is the key to get the basic management techniques with diploma certificate making you enable to move in the industry frequently after completion of the course. Some advantages of PGDM that can make you think to get enrolled in the course immediately after reading this, are as follows;

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Industry relevant courses:

PGDM contains updated courses that are more relevant to current industry needs. So this diploma holder is more likely adjust in industry and more familiar with work.

On the other hand, MBA management courses have the syllabus that contains the same old courses and strategies and do not provide the students updated industry knowledge. MBA degree holders have to gain experience after completion of the course and they need much time to fit in the industry.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

MBA courses also take a long duration of study and costs very much that is not in the approach of each and every individual.

Field of Specialization:

PGDM offers you a wide variety to get specialized in. like project management, Information technology, finance, marketing and many more. These are the minor subjects of Human resource management or MBA, Specialization in a particular field can make you more relatable for a specific industry. You will have a higher chance to get hired as a specialist for a particular post.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

PGDM holders have more opportunities for higher studies:

Business schools in India or even abroad business schools prefer the PGDM holders because they know the difference of their education strategies. PGDM students have a better practical insight than the MBA students

Better Job opportunities:

PGDM’s fit easily in the running industry because they have the updated industry knowledge and they are more capable of giving their best in the field so they have higher chances to get better job opportunities. On the other hand MBA students have to struggle a lot to make their place in organizations and to build their career.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

Experience of business:

PGDM holders are not limited to old theoretical concepts but have experienced the real time field work and a better experience of the real business with hard and relevant class work, meetings and conferences with business champions, internship of management in courses make them polished to face the real industry with full confidence and better insight. So they are ready to handle their positions immediately after the study completion.

** Direct Admission in MICA Ahmedabad **

Qualified and experienced faculty:

Institutions that are offering PGDM programs have very oriented , qualified and experienced faculty, as they offer their staff they attractive salary packages while in MBA offering colleges have outdated university rules that creates a barrier in active learning.

Less expensive then MBA:

MBA is a very expensive study whether you do it regular from college or university while PGDM is a less expensive course with so many qualities a program must have.

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