Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune

Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune

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Symbiosis Pune MBA Selection Process

The students will be called for the selection process on the basis of the marks obtained by them in SNAP. The selection process will include the following stages:

  • Group Exercise
  • Personal Interview
  • Written Ability Test

Symbiosis Pune MBA Registration

The students will have to register for the SNAP test to get admission to the MBA course in Symbiosis Pune MBA. At the time of the registration for SNAP, the students will first have to fill the form and pay the application fees. Then, they have to select the Institute they want to study in and pay another fee for the Institute registration.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

The registration for SNAP and Symbiosis Institute is done at the same time

As per last year, the application fees for both the registration of college and SNAP is Rs.1000. The students are also required to upload some documents in the application form. After the submission, the students must download and print the form for future reference.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

Symbiosis Pune MBA Admit Card

The students who clear the examination will receive a call letter from the Institute that they have applied for. This call letter is an important document which the student has to carry with them in the selection process centre. Without the call letter, the students will not be allowed to take part in the Symbiosis Pune MBA Selection Process.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

The students will get one admit card for the SNAP test. This will be available on the official website. The students have to carry this admit card at the exam centre.

Symbiosis Pune MBA Result

The students who clear all the stages in the selection process will be given admi-ssion to the Symbiosis Pune MBA. The students who will be selected will receive an admi-ssionletter. The letter will include the details such as _ the date and time of reporting to the college, the academic fees and other rules and regulations that are to be followed.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

Symbiosis Pune MBA Placements

In the year 2017, 85 companies had visited the campus. More than 180 students had participated in the placement and a total of 191 offers were made. Following are the statistics of the 2017 placements.

The Advantages of the MBA Degree

Find out what the MBA degree can and can’t do for you. It can help you climb the career ladder, but there also some limitations.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

“Is the MBA degree worth it?” A question for the ages, this has probably been asked more times than every existentialist’s favourite “Are we alone in the universe”.

And while we don’t have an answer for the latter (yet), the former is a subject of many articles, blogs and videos.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

The latest vlog on the topic by BlueCollarMBA takes a rather clever approach by systemising the question in two columns – what the MBA can do for you and what the MBA can’t. That means you won’t be stuffing a biased answer down your throat, but instead, make your own decision by weighing in the pros and cons.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

So how does the 0MBA degree help?

It will:

  • Improve your credentials (CV or Resumé)
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Provide opportunities for networking
  • Teach you undiscovered knowledge
  • Teach you how to make the most out of limited time
  • Teach you how to think outside of the box
  • Open up more career paths (in companies that value you for your talent)

So far, so good, right?

But how about the things that you won’t get from the MBA?

It won’t:

  • Automatically make your richer
  • Necessarily get you a new or a better job
  • Make up for lack of work experience
  • Make people respect you more just because you graduated
  • Magically make it so that you have to put less effort into making your dreams a reality
  • Turn you into a successful entrepreneur overnight

That’s some quality food for thought, if we’ve ever tasted some.

The final verdict? BlueCollarMBA says it’s “definitely worth it” and that “I would rather have the MBA than not have it”.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

We nod our heads in agreement, but ultimately, we want you to decide, and we’re also curious about your opinion.

MBA Student Life

Whether you come to us from across the world or on the cross-town bus, your student experience will be defined by more than coursework.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

It starts with your cluster and learning team. You and your classmates will come to rely upon one another for everything from the heavy lifting of solving business conundrums to the lifting of a glass at happy hour.

Be a part of it all, and it will become a part of you.

MBA Academics

Business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. The challenges are more complex, the stakes are higher, and the players are increasingly global. The only constant today is change, and Symbiosis prepares its students not just to navigate change, but to use it to create new opportunities.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

Courses at Symbiosis are taught both by the School’s stable of 150 full-time faculty members — thought leaders whose research is transforming the way business is conducted across the world — and by more than 100 adjuncts — practitioners from a wealth of industries who, because of the School’s symbiotic relationship with New York, can take the subway uptown to teach a class on their lunch break.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

The School’s comprehensive core curriculum builds the foundation necessary for success in any field, while electives offer insight into specialized areas of expertise. Versatile programs like Master Classes, the Individual, Business, and Society Curriculum, and SIBM CaseWorks all approach business education in new ways, and the School’s cluster system encourages students to learn not only with, but from, their peers.

** Direct Admission in Symbiosis Pune **

Beyond the classroom, the School’s more than 100 student organizations, its remarkably accessible alumni network, cutting-edge research centers, and countless events all work in tandem to help students rewire their brains for success amid uncertainty.

Contact Ace1Guru @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra), 9742886036 (Anis), 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam)

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