Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2024 session

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session. In today’s special, we intend to shed light into some of the top MBA institutes in India – ones that have been long serving aspiring business leaders as key to the top of the corporate ladder.

As they aim for the top of the corporate ladder, many would be managers across the country may seek inspiration from the approach charted by today’s business leaders – especially if they are planning to invest time and money in pursuing an MBA. Similarly, an overwhelming proportion of young students who dream about leading the 21st century entrepreneurial India, also eventually set their eyes on the top MBA institutions in the country.

Direct admission in MBA in Top B-Schools for 2020 session

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Therefore, in today’s special, we are bringing you an overview of some of the most popular MBA institutes in India in terms of learning experience, placement record, infrastructure and future orientation.

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools:

(Direct Admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A):

 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) is deemed the best B-School in the country and is often spotted in the top-ten of a lot of global B-School rankings. Thousands of students partake in the race to secure a seat in this prestigious institute every year despite the hefty fees of INR 14.5 lakh.

IIM-A outperforms all other Business Schools across the country on virtually every aspect – be it in terms of a placement record, learning experience, living experience, future orientation, and so on.

The tuition fee in this 51-year old institute is: 11, 55,000 (excluding hostel and food) whereas the total student intake capacity (as per 2012-13 academic session) stands at 381. Admission to IIM-A is determined on the basis of candidates’ performance in CAT and GMAT.

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C):

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Apart from many other positive aspects such as placement prospects and the quality of the faculty, IIM-C is also renowned as one of the bests in its class when it comes to research. The Ford Foundation was one of its founding partners of this over 50-year-old institute. Located in Joka, IIM-C spans over a vast area barely 20 km away from the Howrah Railway Station.

Tuition fees (excluding hostel and food) stand at approximately INR 8, 55,000. The total student intake capacity (as per 2012-13 academic session) is 462 and admission to the institute is determined on the basis of CAT and GMAT.

XLRI Jamshedpur:

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Xavier School of Management or XLRI (Jamshedpur) is a leading private, business management school based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Founded in 1949 as the Xavier Labor Relation Institute (hence, XLRI), the institute is renowned as not only one of the best privately funded Business schools in the country, but also as one of the oldest that has contributed immensely to India Inc.

Admission into XLRI is determined on the basis of its own entrance test: XAT. The overall expenditure in the two-year program stands at just under 15 lakh (excluding hostel and food). The total student intake capacity in the 2012-13 academic session was 240.

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi (FMS, Delhi):

Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Faculty of Management Studies, or FMS, is a prestigious institute with over five decades of management education history. An integral part of the Delhi University, the institute was enacted under the aegis of another institution – the Delhi School of Economics. It is renowned for providing one of the cheapest MBA programs in the country.

There are a total of 219 seats in offering as per the records of the 2012-13 academic session. The tuition fee is just under INR 21,000 and admission is done through CAT and GMAT.

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-K): (Direct Admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

IIM-K happens to be one of the 13 Indian Institutes of Management founded by the Government of India. Established in 1996, the institute has fast emerged as one of the top B-Schools not only in India but also in terms of global standards. Located in Kozhikode, the third-largest city in Kerala, the institute spans over two hills, both being part of the Western Ghat.

The tuition fee, excluding food and hostel charges, stands at just over INR 900,000. The total student intake capacity, as per the 2012-13 academic session is 356. Admission is conducted through CAT.

 S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR): (Direct Admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Located in Andheri, Mumbai; SPJIMR is administered by the trust of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The institute offers a mentorship program dubbed Abhyudaya wherein students are tasked with the responsibility to mentor underprivileged children. The student committee also focuses on developing and sensitizing participants towards various types of involvement in social issues by running external visits and tie ups with industry for rural development.

Tution fee stands at approximately INR 700,000. Admission into the 227 seats (as per the 2012-13 academic calendar) is determined on the basis of candidates’ performance in CAT, XAT and GMAT.

Management Development Institute (MDI): (Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Management of Development Institute (MDI) is located in Gurgaon – a satellite city of the national capital in Haryana. Despite its hefty course fee, the institute managed to attract over 17,000 applicants last year.

MDI is renowned for its world class infrastructure alongside top class faculty and excellent placement records. The whole campus is equipped with wi-fi connectivity and it subscribes to over 13,000 international management journals. The institute has also embarked on a number of orthodox initiatives for the benefit of students, including Prayas – a student run cooperative store as well as SEED-MDI – a hub for entrepreneurship.

The tuition fee (except hostel and food) is a little over INR 850,000. The student intake capacity is 239 (as per the 2012-13 academic session) and the admission process is determined by CAT, GMAT.

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Remember these important tips for success in your MBA Admission 2020

(Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

Choose the right MBA for you: Consider your education needs and post-graduation goals and use them to analyze the value propositions of renowned MBAs. The right fit between you and your chosen MBA will be evident in your application, increasing your chances of success.

Apply early:  Nowadays, most institutions accept applications on a rolling basis. This means that the possibility of applying will disappear once all seats are filled. Therefore, apply early, striking a balance between the quality of your application and the calendar.

Read the information regarding the application process online:  Good institutions have a lot of information on applications in their websites. This typically includes things like application deadlines, supporting documents, guidelines for recommendations and CVs, examples of essay questions, and advice for interviews. Take the time to go through all of it, and you’ll avoid a lot of stress and wasted time.

Schedule your GMAT and plan your study time: A convincing GMAT score is one of the main elements of a successful application. And since studying for the GMAT can be time consuming, prioritize it. Beware that you cannot “cram” for the GMAT. You’ll need long hours of study and practice, so make sure you define specific times in your busy schedule to prepare for it.

Plan for a unique application:  The fact that an application for a top MBA involves several steps and documents gives applicants multiple opportunities to shine. That’s why an application must be thought through strategically. For example, if you’re planning on telling a particular story about your leadership skills, don’t ask for a recommendation to someone who will tell the same story. If your CV is well constructed and fact-based, your motivation letter shouldn’t recap your professional history in great detail. Instead, it should complement your CV and highlight those skills and achievements that are most difficult to communicate in a CV.

Present a fact-based CV: A well-rounded CV is particularly important for MBA applicants, given that it allows them to demonstrate soft skills such as communication and interpersonal abilities, teamwork, and leadership. Showing a constant investment in education and in personal and professional challenges is also important. The key words here are “to demonstrate.” A CV should present the reader with facts that allow her to make up her own mind about who the applicant is.

Deliver excellent essays : Excellent essays are bold, informed, structured, and memorable. Of course, regardless of the actual question you’re asked to answer, the true question you must answer is “Why should we choose you for our MBA?” In terms of substance, applicants must therefore strike a delicate balance between addressing the issue at stake and promoting their personal brand. Always proofread your essays before submitting them.

Choose your recommends wisely: Recommendation letters and forms must show that the applicant has the necessary skills, willingness to learn and ambition to succeed during and after an MBA program. Choose recommends who can testify to all of the above and contribute to your application’s uniqueness.

(Direct admission in MBA Top B-Schools for 2020 session)

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