Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth

Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth

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Accelerated Career Growth with High Placements

  • 13.6 lakhs p.a average CTC and 28.6 lakhs p.a highest domestic CTC for the PGPM batch of 2020
  • The placement season saw participation from top recruiters like Ab-Inbev, Accenture Strategy, Aditya Birla Capital, ADP, Amazon, Cognizant, Dell, Deloitte, Decathlon, EY, Gartner, HCL, HSBC, HTC Global, Infosys, ITC Infotech, L&T Infotech, Magicbricks, Societe Generale, TCS, Zee Entertainment, ZoloStays, ZS Associates to name a few.
  • Average CTC of the PGPM class of 2020 was INR 20.1 Lakhs p.a. for the top 10%, INR 17.3 Lakhs p.a. for the top 25%, INR 15.19 Lakhs p.a. for the top 50%, and INR 13.6 Lakhs p.a. overall
  • Average post-MBA CTC was 2.64 times the pre-MBA CTC for the 1 year PGPM students.

Experiential Learning

  • Karma-Yoga is an experiential leadership program which helps the students develop leadership skills while having a lasting impact on the lives of people

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  • Empirical Study is one-of-a-kind platform for students to study and critically analyse a real life business problem under the guidance of seasoned industry and faculty mentors
  • Every year 120+ industry thought leaders share perspectives with the leadership talent of the future

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

Rich Peer Group

  • The PGPM Class of 2020 has a collective work experience of over 1400 years
  • The PGPM has a versatile batch coming from multiple industries, functions and academic backgrounds – Engineering, IT, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Accounts, Commerce, Finance, Arts, Humanities, Sciences, etc. The diversity in the class enriches the overall peer learning both inside and outside the classroom

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

Global Alumni Network

  • 8800+ Alumni spread over 30 countries give you a great life-time network of Entrepreneurs, CXOs and high calibre professionals across industries

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

Career & Job Opportunities After PGDM in Business Analytics

Jobs and careers are the main reasons why we pursue higher education. Those considering PGDM in business analytics, have a bright future ahead of them. There are many careers and jobs they can pursue. These jobs come with a good salary and benefits packages, along with plenty of opportunities to grow.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

Here are the top 5 career option you can consider after PGDM in BA degree:

  1. Business Analyst –

Business analyst are the professionals who conduct and in-depth analysis of a business. Based on their analysis, they provide reports on improvement, predictions and plan of actions for the future.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  1. Data Scientist –

This is a specialized profession that requires you to use multiple scientific and mathematical methodologies to get insights from raw, unstructured data.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  1. Market Research Analyst –

A market research analyst analysis the financial markets, and provides reports and advice on the investments and disinvestments.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  1. Healthcare Analyst –

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries. A healthcare analyst works in the industry to provide expert insights into all aspects related to healthcare.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  1. IT Analyst –

Students who are technically inclined can pursue a career as an IT analyst. IT analysts are experts who analyse the IT infrastructure and the IT business of a company and provide guidance to improve them.

Future Scope of PGDM in Business Analytics in India

So, what does the future PDGM in business analytics looks like? Is it a career worth pursuing in India, or should a student learn it and look for a job overseas. There are many such questions that need to be and heres some insight into the scope of PGDM in business analytics.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  • Data for analytics doubles in just over a year.
  • Business analytics will save 20%-30% of projects costs by stopping them from overrunning.
  • The business intelligence market is currently worth over $22 billion.
  • Business analysts, marketing, and salespeople will be the main drivers of business.
  • Small-scale companies will be the biggest employers on business analytics professionals.
  • 90% of the companies will have data department.
  • 85% of the companies will modify their business based on data findings.
  • Business services, technology, and insurance are the industries that will benefit most from business analytics.

Top Recruiting Organizations after PGDM in Business Analytics

So, in which companies are PGDM in business analytics graduates finding jobs? The answer is many. As mentioned before, business analytics is an in-demand subject and graduates will not have a hard time getting a job. In India, these are the following companies that are hiring PGDM in business analytics graduates.

** Direct Great Lakes Admission for Accelerated Career Growth **

  1. Dell –

Though Dell is majorly a computer manufacturer, it has also expanded into many other IT and IT related businesses. They have a huge need for business analytics.

  1. Amazon –

The e-commerce giant has been able to expand its business with the help of data analytics. Amazon generates a lot user data and hence, has a need for analytics.

  1. Genpact –

Genpacts business is data and analytics. In a short time, they have expanded from the US to all over the world, and have a huge presence in India.

  1. Google –

If there is any company that needs analytics that is Google. The search engine giants hire many analysts to go over torrents and torrents of data generated every day.

  1. Flipkart –

The Indian e-tailer is very similar to Amazon and so the need for data analytics specialists is also the same. Their use of data is helping them grow.

  1. Eureka Forbes –

Eureka Forbes has been a trusted name in India thanks to their quality-of-life improving products. They too are using analytics to their advantage.

  1. HP –

This computer giant is growing strength to strength in the domestic and international market, and is now one of the most trusted brands in the world.

  1. Motorola –

In recent years, Motorola has reinvented itself, and is now ready to launch new game-changing smartphones. This innovation is fueled by business analytics.

  1. RBS –

One of the fastest expanding international banks in the world, the Royal Bank of Scotland is also leading the charge is showing to use business analytics to their advantage.

  1. Le Meridian –

The hospitality industry can also benefit from business analytics and Le Meridian is a prime example. This hotel chain is now one of the biggest hospitality providers in India.

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