Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization If you look online, you can find lists that feature as many as 81 MBA Specialization. This amount of choice means there’s likely to be an MBA specialization out there which matches your career goals. Not all schools offer MBA specializations. Some offer concentrations. Others offer generalized programs that center around required courses in areas such as strategy and finance, and in which students can specialize in a specific area by taking elective courses of their choosing.

Combining electives might then allow students to essentially create their own customized program. This is something that can be particularly effective at larger schools, such as INSEAM, where large numbers of elective offerings make it highly unlikely that any two students will end up taking the exact same set of courses. With these nuances in mind, here is a detailed look at six of the most popular MBA specializations out there, together with examples of how a top business school teaches that particular specialization topic.

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Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

Right Time to do MBA

(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Moving too right after graduation may be very tempting but not always advisable. However, the biggest advantage for someone who joins for M.B.A straight away after graduation is that age is on his or her side. They can enter the job market at an early age and aim for success at an early age. Ideally, most people choose to prepare for an M.B.A after some years of work experience, because, with good work experience, it is much easier to understand the theoretical aspect of M.B.A and subject nuances. Besides, the person is clear as to what is the subject specialization that he or she wants. Their confidence is also on a much higher level when going for a part-time M.B.A after several years of experience. However, some of the cons include missing great opportunities for growth at the early stage which might not come later on. Some people feel that with more experience, there are fewer opportunities. In the corporate ladder, there is smaller space with each step higher. So, more experience might eventually be a limitation rather than a blessing.

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Types of M.B.A Courses-

(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Though the most common types of M.B.A Programmed provided by a majority of the business schools is of 2 years, you can still expect a few courses of lesser tenure as well.

Full-time MBA course –(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Since the tenure of these is around 2 years; it covers all the subjects highly essential for the course.

Part-time MBA course –(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

It can be 1 year, 2 years and can also be about 3 years. It is popular among candidates having less than 4 years of work experience.

Executive MBA course –(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Crafted especially for the busy-bee professionals these require a minimum experience of about 4 years. These usually are of 1 year, and the classes are conducted only during the weekends. You can check more details of the same here.

Online MBA course – (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

As the name says, you would get all the materials and the lectures online. One can also think of, just like the updated version of distance M.B.A.

Distance/Correspondence MBA – For those who are unable to join regular M.B.A courses, going for a distance or correspondence programmed is the best option. However, the acceptance criteria are different compared to a full-time course.

Dual MBA – One of the top choices today, a Dual M.B.A programmed is the best way to enrich your resume with a multi-disciplinary management degree.

Top MBA Specializations-

(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Marketing- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

The increasing competition among various industries and brands sharing the common genre is probably one of the reasons why Marketing is in the limelight these days. Companies are regularly on the lookout for skilled marketing professionals who can stand in the busy market. Basically, they would hire ones who can differentiate about the exceptionalism of their product to the rest of the world. And in return earn them huge turnovers also taking 6 figure CTC home. Marketing had always been one of the top sectors to the higher maximum number of M.B.A graduates per year.

Finance- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Reports say finance stands out to be the top choice of about 22 % of M.B.A students? This is major because of the fat salary being offered to finance graduates after completing their course. You can never go wrong with finance and banking, as it takes care of the financial growth of a particular company or an institution. Upon attending lectures, you would be taught to implement your business skills to solve recurrent problems faced in the financial sector.

Human Resources – (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

If you are an M.B.A aspirant, you must know that HRs of any company are assigned to tackle the workforce of an entire company quite gracefully. That is to say, HR doesn’t only manage the employees and issue the number of leaves taken, or checks any unethical deeds. They are supposed to be in touch with every department prevalent in a company as well as their recruitment processes. You must have known until now that in most of the Job interviews, the occurrence of an HR round is a must.

Travel and Tourism- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

If traveling rejuvenates you and you want to travel and work for the rest of your life, then travel, and tourism management is the most suitable match for you. This is also one of the specializations where one owns the chance to get hired with a pretty decent salary structure. Giant organizations recruit consultants to seek their views and assistance about various issues which can only be solved from an outsider’s perspective. For example, a company facing unknown challenges who don’t know how to drive them away would hire a consultant to get solutions. If you want to pursue this, they would have to deal with and manage quite distinct genres of sectors which may need your assistance to function.

International Business- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

If your interest focuses on studying and analyzing the world economy, then this perhaps is the right choice for you. Although a bit out of the sack, it provides an understanding of the how the world economy reacts and responds to various stimuli. International business M.B.As are designated to departments like import and export management international finance analysis, international marketing and logistics. Nonetheless to say, here also one of the bonus points is traveling, obviously for work purposes. If you study for this specialization and get hired, then be prepared to meet and share the meeting with the international clients.

Information Technology- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

It has been seen that a majority of engineering students comprise the M.B.A batches every year in top B-schools. Among them, those from the IT background form a considerable part. So, an M.B.A in IT is considered to be most suitable for them owing to their technical familiarity. Moreover, if you opt for an M.B.A in IT after completing your engineering degree in Computer Science or IT, then you can venture into known territories too.

Operations – (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

If you are keen on managing the end-to-end process of developing and producing finished products, then an M.B.A in Operations will be ideal. This stream of specialization is the best way to break the barriers of industry-specific needs since Operations Managers are needed by all industries at all times. Starting from developing a product from scratch to its finishing, marketing, and distribution, an M.B.A in Operations is responsible for all these stages. Ensuring customer satisfaction is also an integral part of this chain of activities that they need to manage.

Information Systems- (Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

This stream of specialization is slightly different than an M.B.A degree in Information Technology. Information Systems are networks of machines or systems that are used by people and organizations across the world to gather, distribute and process different kinds of data. And an M.B.A course in Information Systems delivers the technical knowledge as well as business expertise that is needed in different sectors of the IT industry.

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7 Factors to Look at When Choosing an MBA Program

(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

Look at Specializations

Most M.B.A programs will have a similar core, so the elective and specializations should be key factors to consider. In which areas does the school excel? Are electives readily available or difficult to get into and are they available each year? The key here is that you want to ensure that the M.B.A program you choose will provide the training that you need to succeed in your career. After you’ve decided what you want to get from an M.B.A, use those goals to determine what skills you need to master. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

What about the Faculty?

Some M.B.A programs highly promote their faculty and your professors can make a huge difference in your career. However, how much access do you have to your professors? Many times, the big names in the business will teach a class but are never available for students. Due to book tours, media engagements, and more, you might not get much actual mentor ship from the big names. Of course, you want a faculty that are well-regarded but also one that will be available for growth and development. Try to talk with other M.B.A students if you can to learn more about the faculty. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

 Review the Costs

Interestingly enough, money is often the primary determining factor when people research the best online M.B.A programs. This is why many people choose to obtain their M.B.A online to try to cut the costs. When you try to see how much they compare with other M.B.A programs, in some cases, the price difference might seem negligible, but there are many online M.B.A benefits that can help you save on your overall costs in the long run. You don’t have to spend as much on things like lodging, books or transportation, for instance. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization


Before you decide to enroll on an M.B.A program, you have to make sure that they have the proper accreditation as well. However, you shouldn’t put too much importance on triple accreditation. This is usually something that has been over-hyped by European Business Schools in order to differentiate themselves from other American, Australian or Asian business schools. The most important thing is that the school needs to have at least their EQUIS, A.M.B.A or AACSB accreditation. That shows that the school follows the set of guidelines and best practices set forth by these organizations. One accreditation is more than enough.

 Is the Program Diverse?

Diversity may not seem significant, but this factor will significantly influence the classroom experience. When you enter the workforce, you’ll also be able to reap the benefits from having a diverse class. Students need to interact with students from varying cultures, industries, job functions, and more. The experiences that you learn about from your classmates can broaden your worldview and make you more competitive in the global marketplace. Not only diversity in culture, but also diversity in experience is important. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

Are the Alumni Approachable?

More than the size of the network of alumni, their approach ability is a key influence. You can expect to use the alumni network to gain new opportunities, which is why it’s important to get to know the network. Many schools advertise the size of their network, and this is important. However, also find out about the reach of the alumni geographically speaking. If you want to break into the international business community, then you will want to ensure that the alumni network is international as well. Make sure to ask how you can get in touch with any alumni and what students do to help with this networking. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

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 Review Career Services

All MBA programs will have some sort of career services that you’ll want to review before signing up. Every program should have statistics on recruitment readily available. You may already have your dream job in hand, but it’s important to have an active career services office. Take note of how many job offers come through the career services. Anything over 60% usually means that they are doing a good job for their graduates. Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

An MBA specialization can add an edge in the job market

(Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization)

  • For Masini, offering niche courses is a way for HEC Paris to differentiate itself from other schools. “A specialization is the differentiating factor that provides participants with new skills and knowledge that they can use on the job market to transform their career, change industry or function,” he says.
  • HEC Paris is planning new courses on business analytics, programming, macroeconomics, cross-cultural and conflict management, he says.
  • But with dozens of MBA specializations, how can students avoid being overwhelmed and make the right choices?
  • Alex Min, CEO of The MBA Exchange admissions firm, says that career goals should be the primary driver.
  • Generalist MBA degrees offer greater breadth, while specializing in a subject as part of the program offers more depth.
  • “People who opt for the former may not feel ready to pursue a single function or industry,” Min says. “Those who choose the latter are sufficiently confident about their professional plan.”
  • He adds that MBA candidates should also consider the possibility of changing their career goals in the future.
  • “The more specialized one’s education, the more difficult it may be to switch to another industry. The transferability of a degree is an important consideration.”
  • With memories of the Great Recession still vivid, many students may want to reduce their risk of future job loss or immobility by getting a degree that can facilitate moves into new fields, Min a/dds.

Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization

Check Direct MBA Admission in B- School with best Specialization that you can opt for the academic session 2020-22.Contact Ace1Guru  Visit websites Call @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra) || 9742886036 (Anis) || 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam)

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