You are currently viewing Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore

I.S.B.R is an institute with International Education Standards with its first campus set up under the aegis of Bangalore Education Trust established in the year 1990. I.S.B.R has International Campuses in B’lore & Chennai. It is an Institute with the primary motive to “train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action their ideas, methods and concepts”. Get in touch with us for Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore.

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Know more about I.S.B.R College

I.S.B.R Business School B’lore is located in Electronic City, one among the fastest growing locality in B’lore with huge industrial base of both small and large scale industries.

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

I.S.B.R was set up under the aegis of B’lore Educational Trust established in the year 1990. B’lore Educational trust is a charitable Trust built with an objective to serve the society at mass for the betterment of the nation.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

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At I.S.B.R the focus goes beyond education. I.S.B.R aims to prepare students for life – ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student – Making them a Leader; A Leader who is ever a learner, driven by thirst for knowledge; a passion to excel and ignited with the desire to achieve success – Success for Life.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

The incubators of I.S.B.R had a dream… the dream of a gateway that provides global outlook…an infrastructure that beckons them to explore & learn…a cradle that nurtures high ethical and human values.

I.S.B.R stands in the silhouette of such a dream. It is envisioned to become a globally recognized centre of learning & research.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

The edifice of I.S.B.R is built on three building blocks. The Governing Council, The Academic Advisory board & the board of Studies. These Apex bodies, individually & collectively, contribute towards a high standard of Academic Governance. With the competence & experience of the best minds from Academics & Industry, I.S.B.R is envisioned as an institute of high academic standards.

The spirit of excellence that permeates I.S.B.R will remain the driving force. It is committed to excellence in scholarship, training and service. I.S.B.R takes pride in being a place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries, a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of our world and ourselves. I.S.B.R education prepares you to think on your feet and act decisively in any business environment.

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** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

Vision & Mission


To be the premier Institute for knowledge creation and dissemination that develops potential mgmt leaders for India and Global Community

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **


To create and nurture an environment where students learn with holistic approach to ensure they achieve academic excellence, integrity, leadership qualities and become socially responsible individuals.

To create and maintain a healthy campus environment for all our stakeholders to achieve excellence in the field of mgmt education and research by addressing internal and external issues of the Institute from time to time.

To endeavor to keep the curriculum updated to suit the requirements of the industry in global context and deepen international alliances.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

Core Values

  • Pro-activeness
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Social Consciousness
  • Sustainability

Program Educational Objectives:

  • Sustainable employment with accomplishment of industry ready skill set and knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research, Consultancy and Higher Education
  • Professional commitment and ethical values
  • Environmental concerns and social responsibility

Physical Infrastructure

Stress-free learning classrooms, seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, with modern furniture, OHP, LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities, and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshops make studying at I.S.B.R a pleasure.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

Intellectual Infrastructure

Knowledge Centre, Library, Audio Video Media Room, Communications and Broadband enabled Wi-Fi campus, Library which is open round the clock with over 5000 titles on mgmt, a hundred-plus leading mgmt journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Mgmt Review, etc., a large database of case studies in text and multimedia for deeper understanding and research. Affiliations with premier library in the city.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission ISBR Bangalore **

Career Growth Potential

At M.B.A Colleges in B’lore, You can expect a sharp career growth because of corporate presence in B’lore. B’lore is now home to more than 950 high-tech companies. Including homegrown giants like Wipro and Infosys. Consequently, now B’lore is called the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

Apart from Indian IT majors like Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services and Microland, the world’s leading IT companies like GE, Texas Instruments, CISCO, Digital, IBM, HP, Compaq, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Sun Micro Systems, Oracle, Novell and several others have made B’lore their home.

Advantages At I.S.B.R Business School

Life At I.S.B.R

Opportunities for learning, growing and achieving exist everywhere at I.S.B.R. Life at I.S.B.R is a blend of academics, extra-curricular and leisure activities. Strong student clubs and cell activities give students opportunity to pursue hobbies of their interest. In addition, activities such as cultural programmes, student fests, festival, national celebrations and inter-college events make life at I.S.B.R truly colorful, enriching and enjoyable.

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A complete education package along with strong network, quality friends, Alumni, corporate relations, fun, excitement, celebrations, discipline, mentoring, counseling, skill building, personality development, showcasing talent, stimulating creativity, human relationships, ethics, values and much more. Experience all this with Life at I.S.B.R

We welcome you to be a part of the vast pool of talent, opportunity & success.

I.S.B.R Voice

The name of the publication says it all – it is the voice of I.S.B.R – the voice of the students. I.S.B.R Voice is a magazine created by and for the students of I.S.B.R, who are part of the Writer’s Club. This half yearly publication is a forum for students to express themselves and communicate news and happenings from the I.S.B.R community. I.S.B.R Voice is a vibrant magazine covering news, student experiences, case studies, essays and articles.

The editorial team puts together content by motivating students to contribute apart from sourcing contributions from faculty, industry and corporate. The students have been putting in a sterling effort to create a magazine which the entire I.S.B.R community looks forward to reading.

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