You are currently viewing Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon

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About M.D.I M.B.A College Gurgaon

Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon

Vision and Mission ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **


M.D.I is a school for:

  • Thought Leaders and Change Masters
  • Academic Excellence and Continuous Innovation

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Our Mission is to create, both at individual and organizational levels, cutting edge mgmt capability through:

  • Value-based Education ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **
  • Best Global Practices
  • Action- centric Research ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **
  • Value- adding Consulting ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **


Library Overview ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **

Library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, databases, audio-visual materials, and e-journals. It is a hybrid library with state-of-the-art technological applications. Library with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services plays an essential role for the academic community in their intellectual pursuits. Library offers a range of information services set to the highest professional standards. The online library portal is accessible across the campus network on 24×7 basis. Users can access full text resources and know the real-time status of various library materials from their own computer terminals.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **

Library has a collection of around 50,000 books while the online library portal provides access to over 15,000 e-journals. The online library includes major international online databases such as Proquest’s ABI/INFORM, Business Source Complete (EBSCO), Sage Online Journals collection, Elsevier collection, JSTOR, CMIE databases, Capitaline, ACE Equity, APA databases, ISI Emerging Markets, Bloomberg Terminal, Data monitor, HBS Case collection, Financial Times database, etc. Library is open seven days a week.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **

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The Library aims:

  • To be a world-class knowledge resource centre in the area of mgmt sciences ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **
  • To provide appropriate knowledge resources to meet the information needs of the academic community of the Institute. ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **
  • To provide proactive and innovative information services to the academic community and to support the Institute in becoming a top ranked world-class business school ** Direct MBA Management Quota Admission MDI Gurgaon **

Computer Center

M.D.I has a state­ of art computing facility consisting of 656 PC nodes / laptop includes 10 IBM Pentium based servers, connected on a high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic/UTP based network in a distributed Windows XP and Linux environment. Computer Labs: M.D.I has 2 nos. Computer Labs equipped with the 130 numbers state of the art computing facilities along with 3 Network LaserJet printers, scanners. 3 nos. projector systems are installed in these computer labs which are being used by students and executives and also conducting the classes for the student & executives.

Class rooms: All the class rooms are equipped with Projection Systems and Computer System with Internet connectivity.

Facilities for M.D.I members: Desktop/ Laptop, printer is being provided to the entire M.D.I member with internet/Intranet connectivity. All the M.D.I members have access to online software packages being used for students Grading, Feedback & administrative applications i.e. Leave mgmt system, accounts, admi-ssions & placement.

DATA Center: M.D.I data center has a 10 IBM Pentium based servers, connected on a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic/UTP based network in a distributed Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and Linux environment as per details given below:

Firewall: The Campus Network is protected using Cyberoam MTU CR 500i – Appliance based Firewall. Email virus protection is provided through Trend Micro Inter Scan Messaging Suite. The M.D.I implements a very strict security policy to ensure the highest levels of network health and safety.

E-mail system: The e-mail system, which is the most widely, used service on the M.D.I campus, offers a very user-friendly web based e-mail system allows users to access mails, both from inside the campus and outside.

Internet Connectivity: M.D.I has 55 Mbps dedicated Internet leased line offers high speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity from anywhere on the campus, through the campus LAN.

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Wi-Fi Facility: To provide flexibility & convenient access to network facilities Wi-Fi Network facilities has been provided at the various locations in campus i.e. Graduate Program Academic Block, Auditorium, Graduate Program Hostel Mess, Boards Room & Conference Room, Takshashila & Lakshay Buildings etc.

Video Conferencing Facility: M.D.I has an Internet / ISDN based Video Conferencing Facility setup in the Auditorium. The video conferencing facility comprising of Polycom 4 way multiparty 7,800 Presenter and Visual Concert. This facility is used for holding global seminars inviting eminent speakers, placement interviews, and virtual student seminars in various programs especially for International Mgmt students.

Hostel Rooms Facilities: All the Executives hostel are provided Computer System in their room with Internet connectivity. Laser jet printers also being provided in the Executive hostels common room. Network & Internet connectivity is being provided in the students hostels.

Digital Signage’s: Digital Signage’s are installed at various locations which displays the information about M.D.I activities i.e. corporate movie of M.D.I, latest information about M.D.I events etc.

State of The Art Classroom

The campus hosts, air-conditioned lecture halls, syndicate rooms, faculty and administrative blocks, a state-of-the-art computer centre, and one of the best mgmt libraries of the country. The Campus also has residential accommodation for academic and administrative staff.

PGP Classes are hosted in buildings Gurukula, Nalanda and Lakshya (3rd Floor). PGP in Energy Mgmt, PGP in Public Policy and Mgmt classes are held in the Parthenon and Nalanda Buildings. Classrooms in Scholars Building, Auditorium Block and Lakshya are designed for Executive training programmes and host the in-company training and mgmt development programmes for executives.

Students Hostels

Students of PGPM, PGP-HR and PGP-IM stay on Campus and are provided with accommodation on twin-sharing basis in Change Masters, Takshashila and twin-sharing/four-sharing in Kshitij. There are separate hostel blocks for the girl students called Oddessy (twin-sharing) & Kaveri (twin/triple sharing). Students are required to bring their own PC with LAN card. The rooms are provided with a bed, a study table, a chair, a cupboard and the usual fixtures. The students may bring their own mattress, bed linen, toiletries and locks for almirah and hostel rooms though these are also available in the student run Co-operative Store “MART”.

Takshashila is also an executive hostel for the participants of executive graduate programmes (NMP) with reception halls, air-conditioned dining halls and air-conditioned Semi-furnished rooms.

Note: M.D.I doesn’t provide parking facility to students.

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