You are currently viewing Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya

Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya

Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya

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About the College

Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya

In every college Library plays an important role, here in this article let us have a look on the library of KJ Somaiya

The institute has a well equipped library with over 95,000 books on a wide range of management subjects. It has unique blend of books varying with the diverse courses covering specializations in Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations for the MBA, MCA and part time Master Degree courses.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

The Library also subscribes to 14 different newspapers, 60+ National and International Periodicals. It has a large number of journals relating to managerial subjects and wide range of CD’s.

The Library has enough space for study. The layout of the library is designed as reading room and a general administrative staff room with E-Journal viewing lab and stack room. In the stack room area books are arranged in two sections.

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** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

  • General Home-Lending section
  • Reference Section

It has an Open access system whereby students are allowed to select books based on their preferences. General home lending section books have large variety and are available multiple copies for issue.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

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The books are stacked in open racks arranged subject wise as per Dewey Decimal Classification schedule. Reference Books are expensive and kept for reading and referring only in the library. In addition the library has an extremely user friendly online computer system making it simple and convenient for its end users the students.

Advantages of MBA

Develop advanced and flexible management skills

MBA applicants are usually young businesspeople with a minimum of two years of professional experience. Even senior employees who feel up to the challenge may sometimes apply.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

MBA classes will help you develop the skills necessary to keep a company successful. The curriculum of each Master of Business Administration degree can be different, but these are some of the most common competences you’ll develop depending on the study programme you choose:

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

  • Improve leadership and people management skills
  • Develop, advertise and sell your products and services
  • Network and create connections or partnerships
  • Manage difficult situations (e.g. financial crisis, public scandals)
  • Keep the company’s finances healthy
  • Promote and maintain the company’s positive image
  • Gather, interpret, and create reports based on industry data
  • Hire top talent and improve employee retention
  • Create hierarchies that help the company thrive
  • Make tough calls at the right time

Studying an MBA degree forces you to get out of the comfort zone. You’ll explore the latest International Business trends, apply the newest management tools and techniques, and challenge yourself to improve your business, teams, and collaboration.

An MBA is also a great way to prepare for a changing business environment. The abilities you develop are also the best tools you have to adapt to the unavoidable change of industries, the marketplace, and the ways people do business.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

If you plan to change careers, but the industry evolves in a way that messes with your plans, the skills you’ve developed will help you quickly adapt and find a new direction. You’ll also be able to make use of changes in economy and find new business opportunities where others simply try to survive a harsh business environment.

A lot of MBA specializations to fit your exact goals

Because of their international popularity, many universities and business schools have developed a diverse range of MBA programs, specialising on different aspects of the business world. So, what MBA specialisations can you choose from? What’s the difference between them? And which MBA subjects are in highest demand?

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

General Management – Probably the most popular MBA specialisation. Great for developing an all-round effective business arsenal – great for a very versatile business environment.

International Business – great if you want to work abroad, or work in a global company with offices in different locations. Great for aligning business goals across borders. As global businesses are growing, this too is an all-round popular specialisation.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

Strategic Management – Prepares you for long-term business planning and back-up planning.

Finance – Great for bankers, financial controllers, chief financial officers, and finance managers. Courses will focus on Statistics, Data Analysis, Accounting, and more.

Marketing – Focuses on businesses that rely on promoting products and services.

Entrepreneurship – Best if you have an original business idea and think about launching a start-up.

Operations Management – Ideal for managers in charge of optimising production processes. You’ll learn how to run production as efficiently as possible.

** Direct MBA Management Quota Seat in KJ Somaiya **

IT Management – Prepares you to do business in the technology sector or do business that heavily relies on technology. This side of business relies heavily on the analysis of collected data and product development based on it.

Human Resources – Great to learn for managers in charge of HR teams or working with large groups of employees. Focuses on conflict resolution, team development, motivation, defining job responsibilities and more. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re a people person, as companies will always need good and happy employees.

Consulting – prepares experts ready to offer an outside opinion for challenges faced by companies. This specialisation also develops your expertise in a variety of sectors and is very well paid.

Keep in mind that there are also a lot of MBAs providing dual specialisations, further upgrading your management capabilities and job-market versatility.

Access to an extensive business network

As an MBA student, you have great networking opportunities. You’ll interact with fellow students, professors and teaching staff (businesspeople with great management experience). And this context will expand your business management capabilities.

Finally, you gain access to the extensive alumni network of that particular MBA programme. Your connections will give you a great overview of the business world. Be ready for a deep understanding of the slightest changes in the business environment and discover new ways to adapt fast. You can reflect on some big business issues and make connections between various global events and world affairs.

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