Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai

Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai

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Selection Process at JBIMS, Mumbai

Last Year, approximately 1700 candidates were called for In-Person Assessment (GD/ PI) based on their application rating score. The Total score was made up of Application rating score and the In-Person Assessment score. ARS was weighed 60% and the In-Person Assessment 40%. The students were asked to go through WAT, GD and PI stage and based on the final merit 120 admissions were given.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

The application rating scores comprised of MH-CET performance, past academic records up to graduation, work experience, extracurricular activity and the academic and Gender Diversity.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Following is the detailed break up of various parameters used by JBIMS for final admissions:

 AR (Application Rating)In-Person Assessment 
ParameterCAT/CET scoresPAR
and 12th)
Work ex. and extra Curricular activitiesDiversityGDPIWATTotal final Score
Weightage0.600. (AR) + 0.40(IPA)

JBIMS Admission Procedure for MMS

  • JBIMS shortlists candidates based on their profile and CAT / MH-CET scores (GMAT for international candidates).

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

  • Shortlisted candidates are called for the second round, the in-person assessment (IPA). This round consists of group activity, personal interview and a written ability test. For international candidates, interviews are conducted over Skype.

Benefits of MBA

Better time management

A side effect of better self-discipline is the ability to better manage time. That could mean better understanding of your capabilities for producing work in an allotted time so you don’t overextend yourself, burn yourself out, or overcommit and underdeliver. It could also mean being more efficient during work hours to get more done in less time or with less effort.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Broader worldview

While earning your MBA, you address big business issues and real-world business challenges which hones your ability to look beyond your role and see how organizations operate as a whole. This also increases your exposure to diverse perspectives on global, social, and business issues as you collaborate with students whose backgrounds, experiences, and career goals differ from yours.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Network of colleagues

While earning your MBA, you come into contact with faculty and fellow students and alumni of the program who begin to form—or add to your existing—network of colleagues. These include people both within your industry and outside of it, and are often spread out across the world, which can translate to promising opportunities in the future.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

More job opportunities

Many companies now require or prefer candidates with an MBA for a number of roles. Earning this degree significantly expands the number of potential job opportunities for which you qualify.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Differentiation as a job candidate

Even if an MBA isn’t a minimum requirement, the degree can be a powerful differentiator when you’re competing against dozens of candidates all vying for the same position—especially when they are all impressive in their own way. But as impressed as employers may be about managerial accomplishments in the field, the fact that you’ve earned an MBA degree is likely to take your application up a notch in the minds of potential employers.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

A re-energized career

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut career-wise. Earning an MBA degree can pull you out of a funk, re-energize past career goals, or help you uncover new ones as you work through the program. Whether you’re trying to improve your job position and salary options, or enter the world of entrepreneurialism, this experience could be the motivation you need to jumpstart a new career.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **


The financial benefits are generally why many people enter MBA programs, but since higher income and signing bonuses are definitely some of the most significant benefits of earning your MBA, we thought it should be included in this list!

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Better management of personal finances

A sharpened financial acumen is another draw for many MBA applicants, as they can apply these skills to their own personal finances and investments in addition to any business pursuits. Through their coursework, students become better at assessing risk, understanding how inflation and interest rates work, and responding to economic changes and market fluctuations.

** Direct MMS Admission Selection Process at JBIMS Mumbai **

Increased creativity

The coursework for an MBA may seem based in facts and numbers, but the entire experience often ends up sharpening creative thinking and inspiring creative endeavors for MBA graduates. Thinking outside the box is just as important for business as it is for art or music.

Better communication

MBA graduates often find themselves communicating better at work with colleagues, bosses, or employees. But these communication skills can also apply at home with your significant other, kids, parents, or siblings, as well as in social situations such as networking events or company functions. Being a better communicator is essential in everyday life, no matter where or when you communicate your needs and ideas for solutions.


To earn your MBA degree, you have to attend classes and study sessions, complete assignments on time, and push yourself to work through rigorous, complex coursework. Possibly, you have to do this while you continue to work. All of this takes a level of self-discipline that you may not take to naturally, but can cultivate with time and effort while working through the MBA program.

Did you expect all the above discussed benefits to come out of earning your MBA? Remember to keep these in mind as you weigh your decision and take the next critical step down your career path.


There are different ways you can establish credibility in your firm and in your industry. You could volunteer for a project at work that stretches you beyond your comfort zone and shows off your hidden talents to company management. You could begin a solo side business or co-found one with family or friends to establish early credibility as a budding entrepreneur. But the academic version of street cred in the business world is the MBA degree.

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