Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future

Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future

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About Great Lakes

Since its inception, Great Lakes has aimed to provide best in the class management education that keeps in line with the latest market trends. We take pride in being at the forefront of innovations in management education.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

A testament to our commitment to providing world class education is that we are consistently ranked among Top-10 One year programs in the country.

Rankings 2017-19

Consistently ranked among the top 10 business schools, Great Lakes has grown from strength to strength, while being the youngest institution to do so in the country.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **


The Great Lakes campus is lively 24 x 7 be it the middle of day or night. The facilities on campus include a state of the art gym, a library that caters to the needs of every reader, be it fiction or business, a football field, a basketball court and an auditorium that provides the perfect backdrop for every occasion or performance.

Top 5 Career Option After PGDM In Marketing

The following are just a few of the many careers you can choose after PGDM in marketing. These careers have great earning potential, along with opportunities to grow. If any of these careers interest you, PGDM in marketing is the right course for you.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

Here Is The List Of Career Opportunities Available Post PGDM In Marketing:

  1. Market Research Analyst –

Market research analysts need to have in-depth knowledge of the market they are working in. Based on that knowledge and research, they have to develop marketing strategies, sales strategies, new products & services, etc. They have an average salary range of INR 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs, plus opportunities for commissions and bonuses.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

  1. Marketing Executive –

Marketing executives are the ones doing the fieldwork. This position requires you to travel and meet people, and market the product and services to increase sales. As a marketing executive, you can make a salary in the range of INR 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs, along with opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses.

  1. Business Development Manager –

This position is similar to a marketing or sales position. They have to develop and bring in more business for the company. This position comes with a lot of perks like commissions and bonuses. A business development manager makes an average salary between INR 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

  1. Brand Manager –

Brand managers manage the brand of the company, product, and services. They create brand stories and communication. They also work closely with the marketing and advertising departments. This is a creative and administrative position. A brand manager makes an impressive salary averaging in between INR 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

  1. Sales Manager –

Sales managers head the team of sales executives, whose job is to make direct sales. The manager has to set targets, help employees achieve targets, and achieve overall sales of the company. Sales managers make an annual salary ranging in INR 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

Future Scope Of PGDM In Marketing

Marketing is here to stay. There is a lot of scope for this industry. Even when a company is not doing well, they pour in more money on marketing. The reason is that marketing generates more sales. With this fact, you can gather how important marketing is for a company, and the scope it has.

And now, with the advent of technology, digital marketing is fast-gaining momentum in the marketing field. This is also taught in PGDM in marketing. Here are some interesting facts about marketing that will give a look into the PGDM in marketings future scope.

  • More than 50% annual growth in digital marketing by companies.
  • Established companies like Coca Cola and Nike heavily invest in traditional marketing.
  • In 2018, Social Media Marketing grew the fastest with 18% annual growth.
  • Almost 10% salary hike in 2019 for Corporate India.
  • India will have close to 1 billion smartphone users in 2022, which is the perfect tool for digital marketing.

 Top Recruiting Organizations After PGDM In Marketing

As mentioned before, there are many companies that hire PGDM in marketing graduates. These are top businesses that are expanding in the country. Here are some of those top recruiters.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

  1. Amazon –

The worlds biggest e-tailer hires a lot of people for their marketing department, especially the digital marketing department. All their sales are generated online so they have a massive need for digital marketers.

  1. CitiGroup –

One of the biggest international banks in the world has a huge business in India and is expanding with financial services. For further expansion, CitiGroup is hiring many for marketing.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

  1. Unilever –

The FMCG giant is one of the top companies in India. Owing to the nature of its business, they have a constant need for people in marketing.

  1. Johnson & Johnson –

Johnson & Johnson is another huge name in the FMCG market of India. They are expanding their products market and need marketing experts for this.

** Direct PGDM Admission in Great Lakes for Bright Future **

  1. Pepsico –

Contrary to what you might think, Pepsico has many businesses along with selling beverages. They have many openings of marketing for these businesses.

Industry Wise Careers After PGDM In Marketing

One of the best things about the PGDM in marketing course is that it lets you be a part of any industry. Marketing is needed by all businesses to tell customers about their products and services. Therefore, as a PGDM in marketing graduate, you can choose the industry you like, and make a long fulfilling career.

  1. Banking –

The banking industry is one of the biggest employers of marketing personnel. Many banks are now getting into the financial services sector, and need marketers to get new customers.

  1. FMCG Companies –

In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, sales are the be-all and end-all goal, and for generating high sales, you need marketing and salespeople. Hence, they hire many PGDM in marketing and MBA in marketing graduates.

  1. Advertising –

The advertising industry in the country has always shown positive growth, and this is probably because of the fact that they hire many people for marketing and advertising.

  1. Tourism –

The Tourism industry is becoming more organised. With many professional companies coming up, the need for traditional and digital marketing has increased a lot. So, the tourism industry is seriously investing in marketing.

  1. Media –

Media runs on marketing and advertising. Therefore, they hire many people for these activities and also pay them quite well compared to other industries.

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