Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes

Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes

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About the College

Established in 2004 by Padmashree awardee, Dr. Bala V Balachandran, Professor Emeritus at Kellogg School of Management, Great Lakes Institute of Management is now among India’s leading Business Schools with campuses in Chennai & Delhi-NCR. Led by an exceptional faculty, steered by an outstanding advisory council and buoyed by international collaborations, Great Lakes has emerged as a top ranked Business School within a short span of time.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **


To Be a World Class Management Institute to Develop Socially Sensitive, Business Ready Leaders and Entrepreneurs with Futuristic Orientation and Commitment towards Innovation and Excellence through Cost-Effective Programs.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **


To Develop Future Ready Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs with an Analytical Mindset, Prepared For Current and Future Market Needs, Through Contemporary and High-Quality Teaching, Research and Social Engagement.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

What Is PGDM In Marketing?

PGDM in marketing is the postgraduate diploma course which specialises in marketing. This course is equivalent to an MBA, and many companies are showing preference to candidates with a PGDM in marketing as it is quite a detailed course and students make a much easier transition to the professional world. PGDM in marketing is arguably the most popular in all PGDM specializations as it has a lot of potential.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

Marketing is an important part of any business that sells products or services. Through marketing, companies get the word out regarding their products and services. Marketing results in direct sales. With this information, you can directly surmise how important marketing is to the success of a business. This is the reason why companies give priority to hiring first for their marketing department. Owing to this potential, many students opt for PGDM in marketing.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

If you too are considering doing a PGDM in marketing, you should know all about the course. In the following article, you will find all the important information regarding PGDM in marketing. From the subjects, syllabus, and fees, to the careers available in marketing, potential employers, and industries

you will get a detailed look into PGDM in marketing that will help you make a decision about what to pursue.

PGDM in Marketing Course Highlights

PGDM in marketing prepares you for the challenging world of marketing. There is a lot of competition and you have to be at the top of your game. You also have to be an outgoing, peoples person as you will be doing fieldwork, and interacting with potential customers. However, the rewards are worth it.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

Heres A Quick Look at the PGDM in Marketing Course Highlight That Will Give a Gist of the Whole Article.

  • Course Level – PGDM in marketing is a postgraduate diploma course to be done after graduation.
  • Duration – Most PGDM in marketing courses is 2 years
  • Examination Type – Exams are conducted in a semester pattern.
  • Eligibility – You need to have a graduate degree
  • Admission Process – Merit-based, or you may have to clear an entrance exam.
  • Course Fee – INR 1 lakh – 4 lakhs
  • Average Starting Salary – Salary ranges between INR 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs

PGDM In Marketing Course Eligibility

PGDM in marketing is a professional course in which you have to invest money, and 2 years of your time. So, deciding on pursuing this course is a big decision. First thing you need to check is that if you are eligible to apply for the course. Only then can you pursue the next steps.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

Heres The PGDM in Marketing Course Eligibility Criteria.

  • You need to be a graduate in a legitimate bachelors degree of 3 years from a recognised university.
  • You to have scored at least 50% or more in your bachelors degree.
  • BBA and BMS graduates mostly choose PGDM in marketing, but students from other streams like commerce, arts and science are also eligible.

Why You Should Consider PGDM in Marketing?

What you choose for your post-graduation, pretty much determines the career you are going to pursue for the rest of your life. Therefore, you have to be sure about what you are choosing.

** Get Direct Admission to Study PGDM in Great Lakes **

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Choose PGDM In Marketing:

  1. Popularity

If so many students are choosing the marketing specialization, they all cant be wrong. PGDM in marketing sees the highest number of applications. An MBA in marketing is also the most popular choice when it comes to doing a specialization in MBA. So, clearly, marketing is the most popular choice.

  1. Employability

The main reason for PGDM in marketings popularity is students immediately find good jobs in good companies right after finishing the course. Since marketing is closely tied to profits, companies hire a lot of people in marketing to ensure the department is performing at its optimal. Therefore, there is always a surplus of marketing jobs, and you will not find it hard to find one.

  1. Personality Development

In marketing, you need to meet new people every day. You need to interact with and convince them to buy your companys products and services. For this, you need to have a good, charming and confident personality. And you are taught all this during the course. How to be a good speaker, how to be a good leader, how to be confident and how to presentable, all these things are covered in a PGDM in marketing.

  1. Career Options

Marketing is not just about marketing. There are many other aspects to this field and many different areas where you can make careers. From marketing analysts to branding experts, you actually have a lot of choices as to what career path to take in the future.

  1. Salary

Another reason for PGDM in marketing is because graduates get a good starting salary as compared to others. As mentioned before, marketing is one of the main generators of profits, which is why companies want the best people for the job. And to get the best people they offer great starting salaries. Some marketing positions are also entitled to get commissions, which further increases your earning potential.

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