Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai

Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai

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PGDM Program Highlights in Great Lakes, Chennai

About Program

The PGDM focuses on developing management skills and business acumen though an extensive case-study based pedagogy simulating real-life decision-making. Apart from developing a strong appreciation of functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and Strategy, the program also focuses on developing soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership potential. The students can opt for functional specializations in Finance, Marketing, Operations and Analytics. Students can opt for a Major and a Minor in two functions, or a Double-Major in them, or even a General Management specialization with a mix of subjects from each function.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

Student Life

At Great Lakes Institute of Management, it is not uncommon for folks to stay up late, working, learning, revelling in the beauty of the night and the intriguing mysteries that it unravels. Many of us would wander aimlessly in the hostel corridors and the cafeteria until the break of dawn. A sudden downpour of rain would accompany the eerie whistling of winds gushing through the corridors. There was a feeling of freedom and independence, and of pride especially for the institution, and for all the things that we could do because one man decided to put his heart and soul into building this institute. An anticipation for the future that lay ahead of us, the opportunities that this year would bring, and the rewards that we would reap.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

A Post Graduate Diploma in Management, simply known as a PGDM course is equivalent to a postgraduate degree in management. These courses have been approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), and are taught in some of the most affluent non- autonomous colleges in India. Therefore, PGDM courses are a great alternative to postgraduate degrees, especially if done from an institute of repute. When an institutes PGDM course is accredited by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) it is equal to an MBA. These courses are designed by some of the best minds in the industry, and prepare students to become thorough professionals. These courses are for a duration of 2 years.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

Value of PGDM Course: Is PGDM Degree Worth in India in 2020?

The market is growing at a spectacular rate. Especially the Indian market is becoming skilled- driven rather than just promoting degrees from premier Institutes. With that in mind, PGDM courses are right there with the industry needs. Be it a graduate or an experienced person, a right PGDM degree will help you climb that corporate ladder. Challenging strategic roles and becoming a manager or a senior analyst is what you can expect out of these courses.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

Benefits of PGDM From the Other Usual Courses:

  1. Specializations As Per Industry Demands

Specializations in PGDM courses are mostly created out of the need in the industry. Specializations such as Business Analytics The reason why PGDM is booming in India as the professionals are experts not just in HR, Marketing, Sales and Finance but also they understand it from the perspective of an organization.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

  1. No Clutter of Non- Important Courses

As compared to usual MBA courses, the PGDM courses have the advantage of not creating the curriculum as per the standards defined by the universities. Instead, the autonomous Institutes collaborate with organizations and take their help in creating the curriculum and setting up the labs. Not only that, organizations send experts to teach the students and make them work with real data.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

  1. Industry Ready Students

With programs being so industry-centric, the students are better prepared for the corporate world. They get good internship opportunities as they are tackling real-life problems during their course itself. Internships later result in permanent jobs into the same organization mostly, or they go for other bigger MNCs.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

  1. More Employability Chances

Becoming a manager in different domains is a thing of the past. The challenging roles in the market seek students who are trained in specific domains. With PGDM, it is possible to have your postgraduate with fields like Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Management.

After PGDM, you can still have a technical role such as data scientist, or an SAP consultant or a Business Analyst. All in all, a PGDM will give you the best of both worlds where you can very well pursue your passion, without any hassle.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

PGDM Vs MBA: What Should You Choose?

Let’s Understand The Key Differences Between PGDM and MBA

  1. Two Approving Bodies:

Universities, both private and government, are approved under the UGC and its sections. Institutes, on the other hand, is approved and affiliated to AICTE. This is where the difference lies. Only Universities are allowed to offer a degree in management. Thats why institutes need affiliation from other universities to provide an MBA if at all they want to.

However, this shouldnt deter anyone from discarding PGDM as top Institutes like IIMs, XLRI and many more offer PGDM, not MBA.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

  1. Curriculum Difference:

One factor where PGDM offers more is autonomous institutes can design and develop the curriculum and course according to the demands in the industry. Most of the times, they do so while collaborating with some organization. This, in turn, benefits students, the institute and organization.

  1. Organization Perspective:

This is a place, where there is not much difference. PGDM students can have a little edge because they tend to study industry-oriented curriculum, but organizations look at both the students from a similar perspective. In the end, they want someone with skills and a passion to execute the necessary strategies at the right time.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

  1. Job Portfolio:

HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance still garner a lot of jobs in the country. PGDM courses, on the other hand, are providing different skillset people such as data scientists, Enterprise Managers.

However, there are special programs added to both the courses that almost nullifies the difference.

  1. Abroad:

If you are looking for a job, it really doesnt matter because they focus a lot more on your experience, skill level, and recommendations from your supervisors. But if you are looking to go for higher studies such as Ph. D., then MBA is more suited or preferred.

** Get PGDM Direct Admission in Great Lakes Chennai **

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