Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune

Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune

The cut offs in SIBM Pune, SCMHRD are expected to go beyond 95 percentile, however the candidates may get sigh of relief as they have Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune on account of difficulty level of SNAP 2021. Symbiosis International University (SIU) Pune has shared the following shortlisting criteria for various Symbiosis institutes. Ace1Guru  Call on @ 9742479101 [Ankit Mishra] || 9742886036 [Anis] || 9035556036 [Mayur Gautam],  visit and

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune

SIBM Pune is a premier B-School of India recognized for its excellence in academics, high quality management programme and its valuable contributions to industry, society and students. SIBM Pune was established in 1978 and is the flagship institute under the Faculty of Management of the Symbiosis International University. Since its inception 39 years ago, it has indeed come a long way to become a leading B-School of India. SIBM Pune shall continue to accept SNAP scores and like last year SNAP shall be conducted as an online test on 16th December 2018 with few structural changes.Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune 2019 Batch.

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Group Discussion Topic 2019

Group Discussion (GD) is an important part of MBA selection process. GD Topics for MBA including topics on Current Affairs, Business & Economy and even Abstract topics to check the creativity of college students.

Audio Visual Group Discussion

Average Duration: 15 mins. (2 minutes for thinking and then 13 minutes for discussion).

No. of Panelists: 2

No. of Participants: 9

  • A photograph on child labor.
  • A picture having Albert Einstein on left side and Jesus Christ on the other side.
  • A picture containing Chandrayan missions advertisement, potholes on Indian roads, draught and flood In India.Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune 2019 Batch.
  • A photograph related to global warming.

Group Discussion

Average Duration: 10 mins.

No. of Panelists: 2

No. of Participants: 8

  • UN has lost its relevance in a unipolar world.
  • Direct Cash Transfer is a good alternative for subsidies.
  • Manufacturing industries are being overpowered by IT industry.
  • Should we have single government in the entire world?

Type of GD Topics

There are four types of GD Topics for MBA:

  • GD Topics on Business & Economy: It includes current trends in business and economy, major policy initiatives, latest business trends, and their impact globally and nationally.
  • GD Topics on Current Affairs: The GD topics on Current affairs may be based on national or international political development, Policies and issues which are highly debated in media.
  • GD topics on Social Issues: Top MBA Colleges are focussing on developing socially responsible MBAs. Hence, there is a greater emphasis on issues like gender and environment sensitivity, ethics etc.
  • GD Topics on Abstract Topics: You may be thinking what are abstract GD topics? These are the topics which have multiple interpretations and candidates can show their creativity and smart thinking. Prepare well for these tricky ones!

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Personal Interview

Average Duration: 15 mins

No. of Panelists: 2-3

However, the most surprising was the PI itself. The interviews did not follow a pattern and kept the candidates on their toes all the time. The panel varied the durations and questions generously. Some interviews lasted over 20 minutes while some ended in merely two minutes. The questions ranged from ‘Do you think drinking tea will satisfy your hunger?’ and ‘Have you known a sardarji ever in your life?’ to questions about career aspirations, long term goals, academic subjects, and work experience. The candidates were also required to submit an annexure with questions related to their career goals, which partly drove the interview. Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune 2019 Batch.

Adequate measures were taken to put the candidates at ease while waiting for the GD and PI process. However, there was sufficient pressure on us to perform at every stage. All in all, SIBM made sure that every aspect of the candidate’s profile was thoroughly scrutinized. The selection process was quite rigorous and put our skills and aptitude to the test. Perhaps the selection process was meant to tell the candidates what to expect in an MBA.

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Aspirants Got Low Score in SNAP Get Direct admission in Symbiosis Pune. Ace1Guru  Call on @ 9742479101 [Ankit Mishra] || 9742886036 [Anis] || 9035556036 [Mayur Gautam], 

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