You are currently viewing Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2024

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2024

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2024

Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development Pune (B.I.M.H.R.D) is Constituent of Sri Balaji University. B.I.M.H.R.D Puna is one of the world’s elite business schools. A premier B-School of India recognized for its excellence in academics, high-quality mgmt program and its valuable contributions to industry, society, and students. Get in touch with us for Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2021.

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About B.I.M.H.R.D Pune

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020

B.I.M.H.R.D Puna was established in 2004. B.I.M.H.R.D Puna currently offers the following programs:


M.B.A (Marketing & Finance)

M.B.A (PM & HRD)

We shape business practice and transform careers across the globe.

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Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

Above all, we’re an academic institution with an unquenchable thirst for learning.

It is known for reinforcing the ties between the academia and industry.

Located in India’s high technology capital, we are in close proximity to some of the leading corporate houses in the country, ranging from information technology to consumer product companies.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

Numerous automobile manufacturers and ancillary companies have today invested heavily to set up state-of-the-art production facilities in Puna giving us the added advantage of integrating classroom knowledge with practical experience.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

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The institutes have been intrinsic to providing a talent pipeline of students from the engineering and mgmt streams to the various sectors.


B.I.M.H.R.D aims to attract the most accomplished faculty and staff to join its workforce.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

When people think of B.I.M.H.R.D, they think of one of the most disciplined mgmt institutions in India managed by Prof. Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian, (Chancellor – Sri Balaji University, Puna, Chairman – Campus Placements) and also is highly reputed for its mgmt education programs for over 17 years.

What they might not think about is the highly dedicated group of faculty and staff members who contribute in helping create a unique and vibrant B.I.M.H.R.D culture.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

Every member of the B.I.M.H.R.D family has an important job to do and each takes pride and finds meaning in being part of an exceptional Sri Balaji University that has contributed in its own small way to nation-building for over 17 years.


B.I.M.H.R.D offers a two-year full-time mgmt program M.B.A (Marketing). As incoming students are mostly freshers or having some years of work experience, the course enable students to grasp the latest in mgmt theory, broadens their perspectives, launches them into new avenues of problem solving and making them competent for the business world.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

This is one of the flagship programs offered by B.I.M.H.R.D. This program enables the students to have deeper insight of various domains of marketing. The superlative course combines with top notch industry exposures making students highly preferable by the industry after post-graduation.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **


Marketing is a combination of art and science appealing to creative people with an analytical orientation whereas Finance is the study of financial markets & instruments which enables investment decision making.

B.I.M.H.R.D offers a two-year full-time program in M.B.A (Marketing and Finance). The program helps the students to equip themselves with the practical knowledge of current industry scenarios along with course curriculum, skills and value.

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To serve the needs of the changing horizons in financial dynamism in the industry, the course M.B.A (Marketing and Finance ) helps to have intricate knowledge of finance, accounting, corporate finance, portfolio mgmt and the relation of all these aspects on overall Marketing dynamics of complex Industries.

The primary objective of the course is to develop future finance managers with the knowledge of marketing with the right vision of emerging trends in the business world. Factors such as globalization, deregulation, mergers and acquisitions, competition and technological innovations have forced companies to rethink their business strategy. In today’s ever-changing business environment, finance executives are exploring ways in which the financial function can bring great value to their organizations. The emphasis is placed on developing an analytical mind, which seeks the right knowledge, the right skills and imbibes the right leadership attitude.


Students with a mgmt degree in finance have umpteen opportunities in India and overseas. Finance plays an important role in the working of any organisation. M.B.A in Finance prepares students for careers in financial planning, banking, corporate finance and accounting. It helps in handling the financial transactions in an efficient and effective manner. This professional degree course also offers enormous opportunities in top-level international firms.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission BIMHRD Pune 2020 **

An M.B.A in Finance can work in banking and non-banking sectors, including corporates. Every organisation has a finance department and requires a financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. The skilled finance students can be part of the capital market, top-notch organisation, finance ministry or related organisations. Apart from all this, you can always be your own lord and master by having your own start-up or working as a freelancer.


A career in Human Resource Mgmt can be really rewarding, and incredibly well-suited to anyone who might consider themselves a ‘people person’. At B.I.M.H.R.D M.B.A (PM & HRD) program is divided into four semesters spread over two years of the program. During the course, all the students study courses related to human resource mgmt with a few elementary courses related to other disciplines like Marketing Mgmt, Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt, Information System Mgmt, and Financial Mgmt.

Studying PM & HRD with B.I.M.H.R.D will help develop your interpersonal skills which are crucial to succeed in any relevant role. Our courses are career-focused which enables you to acquire skills directly applied in your current or future industry role.

M.B.A (PM & HRD) attempts to groom holistic business managers with the capability to create innovation in people practices. Graduates of this program are qualified for executive positions in Human Resources Development, Personnel Mgmt, Industrial Relations, Labor Welfare, and other related areas. The alumni are occupying senior level positions in private and public sector organizations and in multinational companies. Our unique learning approach combined with the focus on holistic development gives an edge to B.I.M.H.R.D students and prepares them for the challenging life ahead.

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