You are currently viewing Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2024

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2024

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2024

ISB&M Group of Institutions was founded in the year 200 by Dr.Pramod Kumar. The ISB& M Group of Institutions is a renowned name in the field of higher education. ISB& M has three campuses in the city of Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata. The institute has UG and PG courses in various disciplines. The faculty of the International School of Business and Media, Puna is highly experienced with sufficient knowledge of the industry. Get in touch with us for Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2021.

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Few points about ISB&M Puna

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020

The vision of the institute is to create a world-class environment for students to develop their skills fully and to stand out among the ordinary. The institution has a strong industry interface and several national and international collaborations for academic and research purpose. In the survey of Times B School in 2019, ISB& M Group of Institutions was ranked 11th in the Top private institutions in India. It was also ranked 16th in the category of Top mgmt institutes in India. Apart from the ISB& M Puna was ranked as the 2nd best school in the city for Business Mgmt.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

The courses at ISB& M are approved by AICTE and are directed to increase the employability of the students. The courses are updated after a fixed interval of time to keep up with the industry trends. The ISB& M Group of Institutions Puna aims to challenge its students throughout to provide practical opportunities. It engages students in leadership and entrepreneurship activities to enhance their leadership and managerial skills.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

ISB& M’s Placement Cell makes every possible effort to ensure that all students pass out with great salary packages ISB& M’s training courses are highly accepted and acknowledged by industry for Mgmt/executive level employment.

How Ace1Guru helps you to get an entrance in ISB& M?

Ace1Guru has always pioneered in the service of Education, helping student to build a life through their career in which their passion resides. TCS with its hard core principle to give the best and nothing apart from that. In order to achieve this we have set a mission to enable to candidates or the student to get into the best suitable institutes.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

Why Trump?

Ace1Guru is a leading education consultancy services providing exemplary service to students all over India. With its rich experience and time you will be able to get fitted in the great institutions and helps you build your career.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

Why study M.B.A?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Michael Bloomberg. Former Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman. They all have it! An M.B.A – the most powerful academic qualification you can have in your career.

It might come as a single piece of diploma but the M.B.A packs a lot of punch. Earning an M.B.A means no matter where you plan to build your career, no matter the location or industry, you’ll increase your credibility. You could even say that all you need is a Master’s in Business Administration to be successful in your career.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

Five truly compelling reasons to give M.B.A serious consideration

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#1 Leadership Skills

There’s a reason that M.B.A programmes are thought of as training grounds for the world’s future business leaders. You’ll be mastering both hard and soft skills to become the ultimate team player. Through the programme, you won’t be only navigating economics and marketing but also team-building skills including problem solving, teamwork and demonstrating integrity – all designed to bring out the best in you.

There will be a lot of hands on project work – and if you can navigate working with highly ambitious and smart Type A personalities… you can work with anyone.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

#2 An M.B.A is an Investment in Yourself

Of course personal development and skills are important, but the top reason most M.B.A students take up the programme is to increase their salary. Consider this: for every since the Financial Times began collecting data, up until 2014, M.B.A graduates have always at least doubled their salaries within three years of completing their degree. The record for highest salary increase? A Chicago Booth M.B.A alumni topped it at 252%.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

Most programmes can only boast more modest results, of course, but there is no doubt: an M.B.A is the best investment you can make in yourself.

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#3 Access to a Large Business Network

An M.B.A programme is a meeting of the minds. Perhaps the most valuable part of it is the network you’ll be a part of, including the alumni. Being surrounded by ambitious professionals means not only will you be more driven to do your best, but you could be meeting your next business partner. Some Master’s in Business Administration programmes even make the effort for you to find a mentor through their alumni network.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

Employers are also always on the lookout for top talent, and have found a lot of success by recruiting to a university’s M.B.A programme. There’s every possibility that your dream employer is waiting for you on the other side.

#4 Flexibility to Change Careers

The idea that an M.B.A is only good for continuing your career is a huge myth. Want to switch from finance to fashion? Or from manufacturing to marketing? Do it! A Master’s in Business Administration is the perfect opportunity for you start anew.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission ISB&M Pune 2020 **

You have to be committed to investing your time though. First, be decisive in your move and then choose your steps wisely. Here’s where it would be smart to make use of the large business network to meet people who could introduce you to new career opportunities.

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#5 Full-time, Part-time, Online. Anywhere in the World

True leaders know that it takes a deep understanding of working across cultures for any business to succeed internationally. There are M.B.A programmes available worldwide, with large communities of international students. Consider doing your Master’s in Business Administration in an exciting part of the world, where you want to grow your success.

Need the flexibility of managing your current commitments while you study? Today you have the option of taking the program in different methods that suit your needs. There are part-time and online programs available from credible universities that you can consider. There are also blended learning programs, where you can mix online learning with face-time with your classmates and professors.

The Door to Infinite Possibilities

The M.B.A is going to be stressful, but it’s going to be incredibly worth it. You can pursue many career fields and advance to better pay much faster. With an Master’s in Business Administration, you will be prepared for the high level business career that you deserve.

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