You are currently viewing Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa

Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa

Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa

Everyone want to get admission in the most reputed colleges to study MBA, GIM Goa is one among those colleges. To eliminate misconceptions or being cheated by misleading personnel, it is extremely important to carry out such kind of admissions through a reputed consultancy firm. Ace1Guru is one among those trustable Education Consultancies. Get in touch with us for Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa

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Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa

We are a leading business school in India and accredited by national and international bodies. We have 50 full time faculty members, four programs with an intake of 480 full time students on a 50-acre campus atop a hill with world class infrastructure. We, at GIM, believe that the learning never stops. Our motto is to prepare our students to be responsive and responsible leaders who would make a difference in the society. With increasing emphasis on specializations, we have added programs with domain knowledge of Healthcare, Big Data Analytics and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, which shall commence in June 2020.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

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As an institute of higher education, we believe in experiential learning rather than theoretical one. To us processes are as important as the end results, therefore, we emphasize on ethical practices in all our projects. Our outdoor learning complements classroom learning. Students learn creativity through theatre, sports and simulation games.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **


  • Interested students will have to send an email to with a summary of their educational background and work experience
  • The admissions office will then e-mail you the Application Form along with the formats for the Letter(s) of Recommendation(s) and Statement of Purpose.
  • Applicants have to mail back to the GIM Admissions Office the completed application form and the other required documents together with the application fee of US$ 60 to the registered office address

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **


  • The student must be a foreign national or NRI.
  • Foreign national is defined as someone who has a passport issued by a country other than India.
  • NRI means Non-Resident Indian as defined in Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • All applicants must have scored at least 50% aggregate in their Bachelor’s degree, awarded by a recognized University.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

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Difference between MBA and P.G.D.M

For all those who wish to build a career in a senior managerial position knowing the difference between these two courses in the beginning.

Before you rush to take the entrance tests and fill the application forms for your dream institute, it is important that you get the basics sorted out.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

So, let us see MBA and P.G.D.M up close.

Diploma Degree

The foremost difference between both these courses is that – P.G.D.M is a diploma course, while MBA is a degree course.

Incidentally, many people have an idea that the market value of a diploma program (P.G.D.M) does not match the level of a degree (MBA). Anyhow, that is just a notion.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

In reality, the main difference is that MBA is a degree programme conducted by Universities and colleges with affiliation to those Universities.

The diploma programme, i.e., P.G.D.M is the course that is conducted by those autonomous institutes that are recognized by the AICTE approved by the Ministry of HRD and Government of India.

As of now, even the IIMs offer a Diploma course and not degree. The MBA programme is approved, all these three authorities, anyhow, it is also important to get approval from UGC.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

At BML Munjal University, the student is conferred the MBA degree on completion.

So, it is important to understand your career objectives and go for a reputed college instead of stressing on degree or diploma.

Accreditation Check

Since P.G.D.M is the course that is offered by the autonomous bodies, you must take extra care to validate whether a particular college has got the essential accreditations. Only after confirmation should you apply for the admission there. There are some small colleges or say institutes that do not have proper accreditation status. On the other hand, MBA degrees programmes are conducted by the universities, with lower chances of fraudulence.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

Syllabus and Curriculum

Another factor for differentiating MBA and P.G.D.M is the syllabus. In the majority of the MBA courses; the curriculum is formulated by the university and therefore is pretty rigid in that sense. So, the core syllabus is expected to be the same in two different MBA colleges recognised by the same university.

On the flip side, P.G.D.M courses are designed by an institute individually, which leads to more flexibility in the curriculum. Even various changes are made in the syllabus every year by changes in the industry. Therefore, colleges offering a P.G.D.M programme are expected to be more suitable and aligned with the trends in the corporate world.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

The focus of the Course

The core subjects of both courses, i.e. MBA and P.G.D.M are common. However, the experts claim that the MBA programmes are more focused on the technical and theoretical aspects related to management rather than the adoption of practical knowledge.

** Management Quota Direct PGDM Admission in GIM Goa **

On the other hand, P.G.D.M courses are more focused on the industry and its practical knowledge. This course is designed to develop the skills needed in the current market. P.G.D.M course is, therefore, more helpful for the students to develop practical marketing skills with the consideration of industrial perspectives.


Now, this is certainly one of the major factors for differentiating both the courses, i.e. P.G.D.M and MBA.

As a general observation, it reveals that the tuition fees for MBA are overall lesser when compared to that of the P.G.D.M courses.

One of the reasons behind it is that most of the MBA offering colleges are approved by the government. Hence, they get good financial support from the government and consequently getting the degree is more economical for the students.

But in the case of P.G.D.M, the candidate has to bear all the cost for the entire program as there is no financial support offered to the college by the Government. However, this not a rule, since you will find many MBA programmes with high tuition fees as well.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Training and teaching are multi-dimensional under P.G.D.M; even activities like cases, presentations, short-term trainings, and simulations are the part of pedagogy.

Whereas the scope of innovation in MBA is also very good as the syllabus is finalized by the university and does not only rotate around bookish knowledge. For eg: at BMU, we primarily focus on our students and their overall personality rather than just theoretical knowledge.

The institution is primarily known to imbibe real life skills among the students so that they thrive to reach a pedestal.

Contact Ace1Guru @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra), 9742886036 (Anis), 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam)

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