Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM

Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM

Everyone wants to get admission to the most reputed colleges to study MBA/ PGDM, Great Lakes Chennai is one of those colleges. To eliminate misconceptions or being cheated by misleading personnel, it is extremely important to carry out such kind of admissions through a reputed consultancy firm. Ace1Guru is one among those trustable Education Consultancies. Get in touch with us for Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM

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GLIM, Chennai

Great Lakes Institute of Management or GREAT LAKES is one of the very few private B-schools in India, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which offers one-year full time and post-graduate management programs. It also offers a traditional two-year PGDM program. Great Lakes was accredited by AMBA, one of the three main global accreditation bodies, in 2014.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

The cutoff criteria for Great Lakes Institute of Management is an equivalent score of 90+ percentile in CAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT. Candidates with less than 24 months of work experience are eligible for the PGDM course whereas a candidate with more than 24 months of work experience can apply for the Great Lakes PGPM score. It must be duly noted that Great Lakes Institute of Management considers the overall profile of the candidate for the evaluation process which includes the following parameters:

  • Academic Background
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Rank Holders
  • Diversity in Academics

Why students should choose PGDM over MBA

For Management aspirants after becoming certain about doing a masters in Management, the one question that baffles them is choosing between MBA & PGDM. Which one works better? Which one to pursue to have a great career ahead? The list of doubts is never-ending. For a while, the lines look blurry and there seems to be hardly any difference apart from the naming of the two.

However, times have changed, and so has everything around it. In present times, it has boiled down to student’s skill set rather than just the degree. In addition, more than 300 autonomous Institutes are providing PGDM degree, approved by AICTE.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

In this backdrop, here are 10 more reasons why you should choose PGDM over MBA:

Cutting Edge Courses

PGDM has the most advanced courses that dazzle through on the resume. These courses save the students from all the clutter of theoretical subjects which are not so applicable in the real world.

Advanced Curriculum

PGDM has its curriculum designed by large MNCs which train students and set up labs in the college. The students not only work on real-life problems but also get industry-valued certifications from the tech giants such as IBM and SAP.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

Specialization Options

Business Analytics, Enterprise Management and International Finance are only a few to name amongst the several specializations booming in the market. Both fresh graduates as well as working professionals can take up these courses.

Industry-Centric Syllabus

PGDM colleges with their healthy collaborations bring in experts from the industry who develop the entire syllabus according to the needs in the industry. This bridges the gap between industry and academia, thus helping students to take up the current challenges in the modern industry.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

Multi-Dimensional Development

Students get developed, not only on technical skills, but they also get to work on their interpersonal skills through international and domestic industry visits.

Great Placement

Today, Companies are concerned with the skill level of students rather than the tag of the University or MBA. PGDM courses with their unique new courses provide just that. Post PGDM, you can serve as a honed, skilled, and valuable management professional in varied jobs across industry verticals.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

High Salary Package

With high-quality skills, you will be unstoppable from getting the package you always dreamt to have. Apart from this, PGDM courses also propel you towards better career growth.

Autonomous College Advantage

Autonomy has been given to the institution to produce graduates to meet the modern-day industry requirements. Autonomous colleges have a student-friendly environment and processes. Better quality assignments and healthy student-faculty relations are a substantial part of it.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

Diverse Faculty

PGDM courses have advanced courses that needs to be delivered by experienced faculty. The PGDM faculty members thus have multi-disciplinary experience in both sectors – Academia and Industry.

The potent combination of the teaching experience and mentoring received by the students ensure that each student is driven from within to think and behave as a leader.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

Industry Exposure at the College Level

PGDM colleges provide programs with collaboration with several organizations. The students visit industries for internship during their semester to learn effective business strategies and shape their management career. They are thus well-versed with the organization know-how before putting their first foot in the corporate world.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

On A Conclusive Note:

If you look at college rankings, 9 out of 10 Top Business Schools offer PGDM, not MBA. The hottest skills in the market are incorporated into specialized courses by PGDM programme. Moreover, if you wish to set yourself out from the crowd, PGDM can be your best bet.

What is Management Quota?

Management Quota is a government authorized mechanism provided to private or deemed University by which students can secure Direct Admission in institute.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

Management Quota is only applicable in private or deemed Universities because they don’t receive any grants from the government. So government allows private Institutes to fill 15% of their seat through management/ NRI Quota Seats.

85% of the seats are filled on merit basis and the remaining 15% seats can be filled by the management of that institute. However, there is eligibility criteria for the management Quota Seats as well.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

For example, in engineering, one must have at least 50% in Senior secondary school examination to apply for management Quota Seat. Similarly, for Medical and for other

What is the fees when getting Admission through Management Quota?

The fees of a management Quota student is usually 3 – 4 times the normal fees. There is a simple reason for this.

** Management Quota PGDM Seat in GLIM **

From the management point of view, this is their chance to fill 15% of the seats on their discrepancy and it is economically good for the Institute, which is authorized by the government.

From the students point of view, they are simply compensating for the low grades with financial aid to the institute and getting a chance to get same education as the meritorious students.

Simply put, this is a win-win case for the students and for the Institute.

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