You are currently viewing Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

Which is the best MBA College in India Direct Admission. MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate programs in India or in Aboard.

The two-year MBA Programme acts as a gateway to a plethora of pf jobs and other more opportunities. this course provides Understanding related to the administration of the business and managing the business operations students from any background, including science, commerce, and humanities etc can pursue MBA. @call Ace1Guru for Direct Admission in MBA Colleges in India.Visit our website Call @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra) || 9742886036 (Anis) || 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam) ||

Such students should also possess’ skills such as excellent communication, leadership, problem-solving, management, research-oriented- analytics thinking, eye for details goal-oriented & ability to work under pressure, strong mathematical skills, etc….!!!!

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Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

MBA in Bangalore

The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru, is the third-most populous city in the country. It is the ‘IT capital of India’ and is referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’.

The city is considered to have highly educated personnel in the world. Bengaluru today boasts many educational and research institutions in the country.

It is one of the important educational hub contributing to skill development. The city offers a variety of regular/full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree management programs through its numerous reputed B-schools/ institutions.

Best MBA College in Bangalore let Explore:

1Christ University (CU)M.B.A/PGDM2 Years17.73 Lakh
2Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.50 Lakh
3IFIM Business School – BangaloreM.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.50 Lakh
4AIMS InstitutesM.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.50 Lakh
5Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
6Mount Carmel Institute of ManagementM.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
7National School of Business (NSB)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
8International School of Management Excellence (ISME)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
9Adarsh Institute of Management & Information TechnologyM.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
10AMC Engineering College (AMCEC)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.31 Lakh
11Garden City College (GCC)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.20 Lakh
12Don Bosco Institute of Technology – Bangalore (DBIT Bangalore)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.20 Lakh
13MS Ramaiah College of Arts – Science and CommerceM.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.20 Lakh
14ISBR Business School (ISBRBS)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years7.20 Lakh
15MP Birla Institute of ManagementM.B.A /PGDM2 Years6.80 Lakh
16Institute of Business Management and Technology (IBMT)M.B.A /PGDM2 Years6.80 Lakh
17IZee Business SchoolM.B.A /PGDM2 Years6.80 Lakh
18City Engineering CollegeM.B.A /PGDM2 Years6.80 Lakh
19Impact College of Engineering and Applied SciencesM.B.A PGDM2 Years6.60 Lakh
20Symbiosis Institute of Business Management [SIBM]- BengaluruM.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.60 Lakh
21International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) – BangaloreM.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.60 Lakh
22MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE)M.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.60 Lakh
23JSS Academy of Technical Education – BangaloreM.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.05 Lakh
24GIBS Business SchoolM.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.05 Lakh
25Presidency CollegeM.B.A/PGDM2 Years6.05 Lakh
26IBS – BangaloreMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
27CMS Business SchoolM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
28Indian Institute of Plantation Management- BangaloreMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
29MAJ Group of InstitutionsM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
30BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE)M.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.49 Lakh
31Alliance School of BusinessM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.49 Lakh
32Dayananda Sagar UniversityM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.49 Lakh
33Atria Institute of TechnologyM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.49 Lakh
34PES UniversityM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
35T John CollegeM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
36Alliance Ascent CollegeM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
37New Horizon College of EngineeringM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
38Administrative Management CollegeM.B.A/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
39MS Ramaiah Institute of ManagementM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
40Srishti School of BusinessM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
41Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT Bangalore)M.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
42Reva UniversityM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
43Presidency UniversityM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
44The Oxford College of EngineeringM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
45International School of Management SciencesM.B.A/PGDM2 Years4.85 Lakh

Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

BEST MBA Colleges in Pune:

Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai. It is considered to be the cultural capital of the state. The city has many well-established educational institutions and is known as the ‘Oxford of the East’. In the past few years, the city has developed as one of the major educational hubs of the country. As per the 2011 census, Pune has an average literacy rate of 86.15%. Pune has over a hundred institutions and is dedicated to delivering quality education to the students. More than 50 B-schools are present in the city offering various management courses. Pune is also home to many numbers of research institutes.

1Maharashtra Institute of Technology – [MIT]M.B.A/PGDM2 Years11.30 Lakh
2Maeer’s MIT College of Engineering – [MITCOE]M.B.A/PGDM2 Years11.30 Lakh
3FLAME UniversityM.B.A/PGDM2 Years11.30 Lakh
4Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development – [IMED]MBA/PGDM2 Years11.25 Lakh
5WLCI School of FashionMBA/PGDM2 Years11.25 Lakh
6National Insurance AcademyMBA/PGDM2 Years11.25 Lakh
7Balaji Institute of Modern Management – [BIMM]MBA/PGDM2 Years10.43 Lakh
8Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth – [MPKV]MBA/PGDM2 Years10.43 Lakh
9Arihant Institute of Management Studies – [AIMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.40 Lakh
10Savitribai Phule Pune University – [SPPU]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.40 Lakh
11Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and LeadershipMBA/PGDM2 Years7.40 Lakh
12AISSMS Institute of Management – [AISSMSIOM]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.36 Lakh
13Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce – [BMCC]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.36 Lakh
14Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research – [NWIMSR]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.25 Lakh
15FAD InternationalMBA/PGDM2 Years7.25 Lakh
16MIT School of Technology ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years7.25 Lakh
17Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management – [BITM]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.00 Lakh
18Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Commerce – [MMCC]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.00 Lakh
19MIT School of BusinessMBA/PGDM2 Years7.00 Lakh
20International School of Business and MediaMBA/PGDM2 Years6.99 Lakh
21MIT School of Management – [MIT-SOM]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.99 Lakh
22International Institute of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years6.99 Lakh
23Symbiosis Institute of International Business – [SIIB]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.97 Lakh
24Global Business School and Research Centre – [GBSRC]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.97 Lakh
25Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research – [SICSR]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.97 Lakh
26MIT College of Management, MIT Art, Design and Technology UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years6.97 Lakh
27Balaji Institute of International Business, Sri Balaji SocietyMBA/PGDM2 Years6.97 Lakh
28AIMS Institute of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years6.70 Lakh
29Balaji Institute of International Business – [BIIB]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.70 Lakh
30Symbiosis International University – [SIU]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.70 Lakh
31International School of Management and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years6.70 Lakh
32Indira Institute of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years6.70 Lakh
33Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology – [SCIT]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.50 Lakh
34Armed Forces Medical College – [AFMC]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.50 Lakh
35Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-Operative Management – [VAMNICOM]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.29 Lakh
36AIMS-AKEMI Group of InstitutesMBA/PGDM2 Years6.29 Lakh
37Management Institute for Leadership and ExcellenceMBA/PGDM2 Years6.29 Lakh
38Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies – [KIAMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.00 Lakh
39Sinhgad College of Engineering – [SCOE]MBA/PGDM2 Years6.00 Lakh
40SaiBalaji International Institute of Management Sciences (SBIIMS)MBA/PGDM2 Years6.00 Lakh
41Arihant Group of Institutes – [AGI]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.90 Lakh
42Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth – [DPU]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.90 Lakh
43Pune Institute of Business Management – [PIBM]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
44Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass CommunicationMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
45ASM’s Institute of International Business and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
46Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies – [SIMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
47Genesis Institute of Business Management – [GIBM]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
48Institute of Management Education – [IME]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
49College of Events & Media – [COEM]MBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
50MITCON Institute of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
51Indira Institute of Management – [IIMP]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.98 Lakh
52Progressive Education Society’s Modern College of Engineering – [MCOE]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.98 Lakh
53RIIM – Arihant Group of InstitutesMBA/PGDM2 Years3.98 Lakh
54International Institute of Management Studies – [IIMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.50 Lakh
55Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, PuneMBA/PGDM2 Years3.50 Lakh
56Suryadatta Institute of Business Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years3.50 Lakh
57Symbiosis Institute of Business Management – [SIBM]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.48 Lakh
58Institute of Business Management and Research -[IBMR]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.48 Lakh
59FLAME UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years3.05 Lakh
60Bharati Vidyapeeth University – [BVU]MBA/PGDM2 Years3.05 Lakh
61ICFAI Business School – [IBS]MBA/PGDM2 Years2.95 Lakh
62Indira School of Business StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years2.95 Lakh
63Indira College of Engineering and ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years2.95 Lakh
64MIT School Of Business – [MIT-SOB]MBA/PGDM2 Years2.10 Lakh
65ICFAI Business School, PuneMBA/PGDM2 Years2.10 Lakh
66Indira Global Business SchoolMBA/PGDM2 Years2.10 Lakh
67MIT School of Telecom Management – [MITSOT]MBA/PGDM2 Years1.82 Lakh
68Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Sri Balaji Society’sMBA/PGDM2 Years1.82 Lakh
69UEI Global, PuneMBA/PGDM2 Years1.82 Lakh
70Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development – [BIMHRD]MBA/PGDM2 Years1.60 Lakh
71MIT Institute of Design – [MITID]MBA/PGDM2 Years1.60 Lakh
72ASM’s Institute of Professional Studies,IPS (ASM IPS)MBA/PGDM2 Years1.60 Lakh
73Arihant Institute of Business Management – [AIBM]MBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
74Sai Balaji International Institute of Management Sciences – [SBIIMS]MBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
75Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidya Pratishthan Society’sMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
76Indus Business School, IIEBMMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
77MIT School of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
78Lotus Business SchoolMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA

Best colleges in Mumbai for MBA?

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and is the most populous city in India. It ranks among the top ten centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow in the world. Known as the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai has a literacy rate of 94.7%. The city hosts many universities and institutions and allows students to pursue their higher education. The premier institutes provide education in fields of science, arts, management, medicine, law, etc. Numerous scientific research institutes as well as other research institutes are also present in the city. There are as many as 42 management institutions providing various programs to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students.

1SP Jain Institute of Management and Research – [SPJIMR]MBA/PGDM2 Years15.00 Lakh
2ICFAI Business School – [IBS], MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years15.00 Lakh
3Don Bosco Institute of TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years15.00 Lakh
4Indian Institute of Management, Indore – Mumbai CampusMBA/PGDM2 Years15.00 Lakh
5Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies -[JBIMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years9.30 Lakh
6ITM Business School, Navi MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years9.30 Lakh
7Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years9.30 Lakh
8ITM Business School, Navi MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years9.30 Lakh
9SIES College of Management Studies – [SIESCOMS]MBA/PGDM2 Years9.20 Lakh
10Xavier Institute of Management and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years9.20 Lakh
11Atharva College of Fashion and ArtsMBA/PGDM2 Years9.20 Lakh
12ITM Institute of Financial MarketsMBA/PGDM2 Years9.20 Lakh
13Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship Education – [SIMSREE]MBA/PGDM2 Years7.80 Lakh
14Sterling Institute of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years7.80 Lakh
15Vidyalankar Institute of TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years7.80 Lakh
16School of Management, D.Y. Patil UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years7.80 Lakh
17Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
18Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
19Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering CollegeMBA/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
20Institute of Business Studies and Research, Navi MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years4.95 Lakh
21Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies & Research – [BVIMSR]MBA/PGDM2 Years4.59 Lakh
22Humera Khan Institute of Management Studies and researchMBA/PGDM2 Years4.59 Lakh
23Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years4.59 Lakh
24Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years4.59 Lakh
25Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management – [LLIM], MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years2.41 Lakh
26University of MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years2.41 Lakh
27Indian Institute of Hospitality and ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years2.41 Lakh
28MGM University of Health SciencesMBA/PGDM2 Years2.41 Lakh
29KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research – [SIMSR]MBA/PGDM2 Years2.00 Lakh
30Institute of Business Studies and Research Group of CollegesMBA/PGDM2 Years2.00 Lakh
31Dr DY Patil UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years2.00 Lakh
32Rajeev Gandhi College of Management Studies (RGCMS)MBA/PGDM2 Years2.00 Lakh
33Tata Institute of Social Sciences – [TISS]MBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
34Elphinstone CollegeMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
35K. J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education Training and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
36AC Patil College of EngineeringMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
37K. C. College of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
38Manoharbhai Patel Post Graduate College of Art Commerce and ScienceMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
39MISB BocconiMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
40Athena School Of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
41LN Group of InstitutesMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
42A.C. Patil College of EngineeringMBA/PGDM2 Years1.89 Lakh
43National Institute of Industrial Engineering – [NITIE]MBA/PGDM2 Years1.61 Lakh
44IES Management College and Research Centre, MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 Years1.61 Lakh
45International Institute of Fashion DesignMBA/PGDM2 Years1.61 Lakh
46Dr. G.D. Pol Foundation’s YMT College of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years1.61 Lakh
47Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management – [SJMSOM]MBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
48Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies – [NMIMS University]MBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
49Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management & Research – [AMSIMR], MumbaiMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
50YMT College of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
51National Institute of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
52Garware Institute of Career Education and DevelopmentMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
53Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research (PIMSR)MBA/PGDM2 YearsNA
54S P More CollegeMBA/PGDM2 YearsNA

Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

Best MBA College in Delhi:

Officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), the city has the second-largest population in the country. The city has its historical importance as it has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires since the 6th century BC. There has been tremendous growth in education sector of the city in last few years. It has added to its credits some of the premier institutions in India with a literacy rate of 86.3% as per the 2011 census. It has more than 165 universities and colleges including 12 major universities offering various specialization subjects. Management courses has also become most pursued subject in some top colleges/universities of the city.

1International Management Institute, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS9.00 Lakh
2Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS9.00 Lakh
3FORE School of Management, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.60 Lakh
4Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.60 Lakh
5Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.60 Lakh
6Fortune Institute of International Business, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS9.00 Lakh
7Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS9.00 Lakh
8Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International, New DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS6.20 Lakh
9Jagannath International Management School, Kalkaji, New DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS6.20 Lakh
10IMM FOSTIIMA Business School, New DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.75 Lakh
11Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.75 Lakh
12Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.60 Lakh
13Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.60 Lakh
14Delhi School of Management, Delhi Technological University, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.50 Lakh
15Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.50 Lakh
16Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Usha and Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management, New DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS5.40 Lakh
17Skyline Business School, DelhiMBA/PGDM2 YEARS4.80 Lakh

Best MBA College in Greater Noida:

Greater Noida is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. The demographics of the city mostly consist of students with a literacy rate of 86.54% according to the 2011 census. The city has many reputed institutes providing higher education like engineering, management, law, medicine, etc. As many as 26 institutes/ universities are present in the city delivering various management courses for bachelor’s and master’s degree students. All institutes are dedicated in providing quality education to the students.

1G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years9.00 Lakh
2Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI)MBA/PGDM2 Years9.00 Lakh
3Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT)MBA/PGDM2 Years9.00 Lakh
4Galgotias UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years5.60 Lakh
5KCC Institute of Management, Uttar PradeshMBA/PGDM2 Years5.60 Lakh
6Mangalmay Institute Of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years5.60 Lakh
7Indian Institute of FinanceMBA/PGDM2 Years9.00 Lakh
8Skyline Institute Of Engineering and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years9.00 Lakh
9School of Business Studies, Sharda UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years6.20 Lakh
10Galgotia College Of Engineering and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years6.20 Lakh
11G.L. Bajaj Institute of Management and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years5.75 Lakh
12Accurate Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years5.75 Lakh
13Accurate Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years5.60 Lakh
14Noida Institute Of Engineering and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years5.60 Lakh
15NIILM Centre for Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
16Lloyd Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years5.50 Lakh
17IILM College of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years5.40 Lakh
18United College Of Engineering and Research Greater NoidaMBA/PGDM2 Years5.40 Lakh
19Galgotias Business SchoolMBA/PGDM2 Years5.00 Lakh
20NIET Business SchoolMBA/PGDM2 Years4.75 Lakh
21Army Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years4.75 Lakh
22Lloyd Business School (LBS Greater Noida)MBA/PGDM2 Years4.50 Lakh
23Priyadarshini College Of Computer ScienceMBA/PGDM2 Years4.50 Lakh
24Gautam Buddha UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years4.20 Lakh
25GNIOT College of Management PGDM InstituteMBA/PGDM2 Years3.28 Lakh
26IILM Academy Of Higher Learning NoidaMBA/PGDM2 Years3.28 Lakh
27Galgotias UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years3.18 Lakh
28Indus Business Academy, Greater NoidaMBA/PGDM2 Years3.18 Lakh
29National Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years3.00 Lakh
30Ishan Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years2.83 Lakh
31Mangalmay Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years2.58 Lakh
32Ishan Institute of Management and TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years2.58 Lakh
33Harlal Institute of Management and Technology (PG courses)MBA/PGDM2 Years2.25 Lakh
34Greater Noida Institute Of TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years2.25 Lakh
35KCC Institute of Management (KCCIM)MBA/PGDM2 Years2.20 Lakh
36Rakshpal Bahadur Management Institute (RBMI)MBA/PGDM2 Years2.10 Lakh
37Apeejay Institute of Technology – School of Management for WomenMBA/PGDM2 Years2.10 Lakh
38IILM Academy of Higher LearningMBA/PGDM2 Years2.06 Lakh
39BBS Institute Of Management StudiesMBA/PGDM2 Years2.06 Lakh
40Bennett UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years14.35 Lakh
41RV Northland Institute Of ManagementMBA/PGDM2 Years14.35 Lakh
42Shiv Nadar UniversityMBA/PGDM2 Years14.25 Lakh
43G.L. Bajaj Institute of Management and ResearchMBA/PGDM2 Years14.25 Lakh
44Greater Noida Institute of TechnologyMBA/PGDM2 Years1.94 Lakh
45ITS Engineering College Greater NoidaMBA/PGDM2 Years1.94 Lakh
46Greater Noida Institute of Technology (MBA Institute)MBA/PGDM2 Years1.85 Lakh
47Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH)MBA/PGDM2 Years1.85 Lakh
48IEC Group of Institutions (IEC)MBA/PGDM2 Years1.82 Lakh
49Shiv Nadar University School of Management and EntrepreneurshipMBA/PGDM2 Years1.82 Lakh

Which is best MBA Colleges in India Direct Admission

MBA Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must have passed graduation in any discipline or equivalent from a recognized university as a basic eligibility criterion for MBA (full-time).

Most of the institutes follow the minimum score criteria in graduation which is 50 percent on average or equivalent. Some of the colleges also offer a five percent relaxation to students from the reserved categories.

Final-year graduation candidates are also eligible to apply for MBA, provided they present the proof of completion of graduation degree within the duration specified by the institute.

MBA Entrance Exams:

Apart from merit-based admission, many top-ranked MBA colleges in India also accept scores of national- and state-level entrance exams, including CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, NMAT, ATMA, IBSAT, MAH CET, SNAP, etc. for MBA admissions.

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