MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization

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MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization Marketing in MBA is very important part of any business be it a part of corporate organizer or small scale industry. Without various marketing Techniques any Industries can’t survive in any business pursuing MBA in Marketing will help you to develop the skills and insight of functioning of market and consumer behavior.

MBA specialization in Marketing is one of the most opted course. MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization. If you too aspire to take up MBA in Marketing then check the details below or Contact in given numbers

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MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization
MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization

In my belief what Marketing really is?

(MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization)

In my belief what Marketing really is, “Is everything which helps to get a smile on a customer’s face because of your product/service” Marketing is anticipating what the customer might want. Marketing is making the product which shall satisfy their needs and wants. Marketing is innovation,

Marketing is selecting how to reach out to these people, giving them the product, Marketing is taking feedback, Marketing is after sales service, and Marketing is thus everything which helps you maintain profitable customer relationships. As the traditional definition by Philip Kotler says, “Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit.

Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires. “In my opinion, Marketing is one of the most important functions any organization can have. If an organization is a car, Then Marketing is the engine and finance is the fuel. That, Is what Marketing is all about and that is how important it is.As peter Fuddruckers the management guru famously said, “A business enterprise has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation.” Check details for MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization

Benefits of MBA in Marketing

(MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization)

  • You will learn to develop the strategies and processes to accomplishing organizational goals. You will also learn various skills which involves- communication skills, analytical skills, mathematical skills, problem solving skills, business ethics, ability to integrate ideas, and leadership which will definitely help you prosper at an industry level.
  • You can develop your career in the various fields such as: Advertising, Consultancy, Banking, FMCG, Retail, Tourism etc. Check details for MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization
  • On completing your M.B.A in Marketing you can get job as Marketing manager, Brand manager, Sales Manager, Media planning, Marketing research analyst, and Product management.
  • MBA in Marketing will give you a path to enter the media sector which is in more demand as compared to the other specialized fields of M.B.A.
  • As a marketing professional you will be focused on innovation and would naturally have a vision for the future. MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization
  • You will learn the importance to maintaining relationships and at the same time converse with technology.

Jobs after M.B.A in Marketing

After pursuing M.B.A in Marketing job opportunities will be open to you from a variety of avenues. Popular career options and jobs after M.B.A in Marketing includes:

  • Brand Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Research Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Monetization Manager
  • SEO Manager

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Some Interesting facts about MBA in marketing course

(MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization)

Marketing is not mere selling.- Marketing is a series of activities that connects a product with its customers. The activities include: Identifying who the customer is and the various segments of the customers identifying the needs of the customer to help build the right product deciding on the pricing strategy setting up the distribution channels to act as the bridge with the customer creating the communication strategy that conveys the values of the product to the customer MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization Companies don’t sell products or services. They sell benefits.- Restaurants sell experience. Banks sell safety. Car companies sell convenient transportation.

The fundamental goal of the marketing department is to prevent a product from getting commoditized.

Make it convenient to purchase. For instance, a gas station near a freeway exit could get more customers than then one in the interior. Add an element of trust and customer relationship.

For instance, a bank that creates an aura of trust can get far more customers than the one in a shady location. Make it available at the right time. A bottle of water sold in a hot beach is likely to earn more margin than then one sold in a convenience store.

Check details for MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization Create a constant differentiation. Until Apple entered the market, smartphone market resembled a commodity where everyone was producing the same functionality. Then iPhone came. Thus, the four rules to avoid commodity trap are: convenience, trust, availability and differentiation. With this, any product can achieve an “unfair” advantage.

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Since 1990s, the 7Ps are giving way to 4Cs- Where the shift is made from product to the customer. Modern 4 Cs: Customer, Cost, Communication and Convenience. The emphasis is on communicating the right stuff to the right customer, in a convenient and cost efficient way.

 Branding- One of the critical parts of marketing is creating the branding elements that directly communicate the product to the customer. Think of “Just Do It” and you will immediately associate with a quality athletic shoe.

Branding implicitly conveys trust and quality assurance, and can help a product achieve sustainable profits. For instance, two major companies are able to sell sugar water with soda at a sustained advantaged through an elaborate brand management. Marketing is the most important part for any product as because of marketing only customers gets to know about the product and they purchase.

Hard skills vs. Soft skills- An MBA is the only course that provides the perfect balance in teaching both hard and soft skills. “There are three key differences between hard and soft skills,” notes Lei Han, a Wharton MBA with 15+ years’ business experience, in her article “Hard skills vs. soft skills – difference and importance”.

The first is about where you can learn those skills – hard skills can be learned in school and from books, while there is no simple path to learning soft skills because most soft skills are not well taught in school and have to be learned on the job by trial and error. Check details for MBA Direct Admission in Marketing Management Specialization Hard skills usually require “smarts” or IQ, also known as your left brain or the logical center.

Soft skills, on the other hand, usually take emotional intelligence or EI, also known as your right brain or the emotional center. The third difference is that hard skills are skills where the rules stay the same, regardless of your chosen company, circumstances or colleagues. In contrast, soft skills are those where the rules change depending on the company culture and the people you work with.

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Corporate vs. entrepreneurial careers- An MBA is widely considered as a career accelerator. It could help you climb the corporate ladder within your current organization or open doors to a new corporation and develop your career. It could bring you higher pay, a more senior post and certainly more responsibilities as a professional.

Or, it could be the trigger you need to start a journey of your own, launching your own business. An MBA is invaluable for those who embark on their own adventures, mainly due to the skills it imparts to its students – strategic planning, global thinking, leadership and people management. Figures speak best.

According to the latest available statistics, which the Financial Times (FT) released as part of its research for its 2015 rankings, 22% of 7,800 MBA graduates from the world’s top 100 business schools had launched a start-up while studying for the qualification or shortly after completing their course.

Three years after graduation, the average annual income among these fledgling entrepreneurs was 134,000 USD, compared with 132,000 USD for all those interviewed for the research?

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