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Know the Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM Pune for 2020 Session

Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM

Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM

The two-year full-time residential MBA is SIBM Pune’s flagship programme, spread across four semesters and offering specialisations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Operations Management.

The structure of the programme is designed to give students the best in industry exposure and a nurturing classroom environment, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow, in the specialisation of their choice. Know the Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM Pune for 2020 Session.

It depends upon the choice of yours in which you want to pursue your career. There are multiple courses offered by Symbiosis through various institutes starting from Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, along with niche courses which include Agribusiness, Energy and Environment, International business management for various domains and the institutes offering these courses in a particular domain are

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Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM

Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM
Know the Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM Pune for 2020 Session

MBA Human Resource Management: This course provides students with the skills required for successful human capital management. It familiarises them with current corporate practices in the line. The course focuses on interpersonal and people management skills, to enable students to transcend the scope of Human Resource Management and become Strategic Business Partners.

MBA Finance: MBA in finance is one of the most popular and highly opted for forms of MBA specialization. It teaches you about various subjects like Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Capital Management etc. After studying these subjects you would become an expert in Financial Management related areas.

Such expertise would enable you to work in the finance department of any organization. If you want to pursue MBA in finance then you must attain a graduation degree in any stream. The Banking Sector of India has requirement of skilled people who are expert in finance. Thus, the banking sector is an added boon for the students pursuing MBA in finance.

MBA Marketing: MBA in Marketing offers a very dynamic and competitive career to its aspirants. MBA in marketing helps a student understand consumer behavior, market behavior, aspects of advertising, and many other crucial skills that surrounds the marketing activities of any product/service. One needs to have excellent communication skills, resource mobilization skills and an added zeal to excel in this specialization. If you want to pursue MBA in Marketing then the first step is to attain a graduation degree in any stream. Get MBA Direct Admission with Specialization in Marketing for 2020 Session.

MBA Organizational Leadership and Strategy: All corporations hire and reap the benefit from having leadership managers as a part of their team. The distinctiveness of the sector allows for a specialized market to be carved out for them in the business and marketing field allowing for a distinctive and unique work experience. The reward in this field is being able to lead a team right out of the door of your educational development due to the incredible amounts of hands on, real world experience that this educational sector provides. Jobs in this field can be found in corporate management, restaurant management, hotel management, and property management.

MBA Operations Management: Operations management MBA programs are designed to help students earn the qualifications required to work as an executive overseeing company operations. … Graduates of an MBA program in operations management can work as supply chain managers, logistics managers, consultants, and more.

MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Pedagogy is mix of many methodologies & apart from usual chalk-n-talk, there is conscious effort to make session interactive by using case studies & references of latest development in relevant field. In addition, students are encouraged to undertake multiple projects to hone their research and analytical skills. Latest tools and techniques like Business Simulations are used wherever possible

Executive: An executive MBA, or EMBA, is a graduate level degree with a focus on business. An executive MBA program is primarily designed to educate experienced working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders who want to hold a full-time job while they earn their degree.

PG Certificate Management in Marketing: Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management is a 2-year Post Graduate Diploma. Marketing is a process to determine what products customers may be interested in, Type of strategy to be used in Sales, Communications and Business Development. This course helps students to enhance their managerial skills of the business.

Things That Make the MBA Student Experience Different From the Rest

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MBA student socializing: MBA student socializing is an entirely different game for MBA and EMBA students. Instead of donning revealing nurse and doctors’ outfits and smashing back a pint full of tequila, MBA students are far more likely to be found suited and booted at a wine bar or café with other members of their cohort.

Maintaining a professional appearance is an important part of MBA life. Students are older than undergraduates and need to commit more time to their studies. Emphasis is placed very much on networking around business questions.

MBA program workload: MBA programs generally consist of core modules, electives and work experience projects. Taking into account the high cost of the average MBA program it is also important to attend a variety of business conferences, lectures and discussions while studying. The MBA student experience is designed to be immersive and students are encouraged to throw themselves into the world of business.

Multicultural learning: The significance of multicultural education is that it gives individuals the opportunity to examine their own social and cultural biases, break down those biases, and change their perspective within their own setting.

Teaching methods: The way in which you study in an MBA program is different to other degrees. Lessons are usually formulated around case studies and consulting work in which you will have the opportunity to work with companies in the local area or further afield.

Two-year programs tend to offer a summer internship in conjunction with the full-time degree in order to provide students with an extra boost to their résumé. Students have the advantage of tailoring their MBA degree using electives, and can then implement their skills while on placement at a relevant company – a good opportunity for career changers to work out whether they have made the right choice.

Emphasis is also placed on team projects and experiential learning; teamwork is a vital element to the degree, with many MBA programs putting students in groups that stay together for a semester, a year or even the whole program. Either way, all classes are taught within the same cohort so it is likely that students will all be working together on multiple projects throughout the year. This is ideal for forming strong bonds with classmates that can later be taken into professional life.

Reasons to Get an MBA

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The main reason to get an MBA degree is to increase your salary potential and advance your career. Because graduates who hold an MBA degree are eligible for jobs that would not be offered to those who hold only a college degree or high school diploma, an MBA is almost a necessity in today’s business world.

In most cases, an MBA is required for executive and senior management positions. Some companies will not even consider applicants unless they have an MBA. Before deciding on a program, make sure it fits your career goals and schedule.

Know the Courses to Choose for Doing MBA Direct Admission in SIBM Pune for 2020 Session

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