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SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission

SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission

MBA is an international recognized degree. Everyone wants to get MBA degree from Top MBA Colleges. There are many MBA top colleges in India. After choosing College we have to choose the Specialization. MBA degree offers many Specializations like Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations Management. SCMHRD Pune is one of the top college in India. It is the right time to get SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission. So call us for Direct MBA Admission.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized degree designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas.

Most MBA programs include a “core” curriculum of subjects, such as accounting, economics, marketing, and operations, as well as elective courses that allow participants to follow their own personal or professional interests. Some schools require that MBA candidates complete an internship at a company or organization, which can lead to concrete job opportunities after the program.

SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission

MBA Specializations at SCMHRD

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

The flagship MBA programme at SCMHRD offers specialization in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Operations Management.

SCMHRD also offers separate specialized MBA programmes like MBA Infrastructure Development and Management (MBA-IDM) and MBA Business Analytics (MBA-BA). Both these specialized MBA programmes at SCMHRD Pune command high ranking and reputation in the business management world.

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

MBA programme wise seats at SCMHRD Pune are as under:

SCMHRD MBA Programme Total Seats
MBA 2020-22 180
MBA-IDM 2020-22  60
MBA-BA 2020-22  30

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

SCMHRD MBA fee for different MBA programmes is as under:

SCMHRD MBA Programme Programme Fee (Rs. in Lakhs)*
MBA 2020-22 17.43
MBA IDM 2020-22 12.77
MBA-BA 2020-22 13.31

SCMHRD Rankings

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

Year Survey Ranking
2018 Outlook Drishti B-School Survey 13th in Top 100 Management Schools
8th in Top 10 Private B-Schools
5th in Top 10 Colleges in West zone
Times B-school Survey Rankings Ranked amongst the top 10 B-schools in the Country
Ranked amongst the top 5 Private B-schools in the Country
Overall ranked 10th in Top 100 B-schools in India
5th in Top Private Institutes
2017 Hansa Research Best B School survey 8th Best Private B-School
4th among West Zone Private B-Schools
9th among Govt/Pvt. School
2nd in Pune city

Benefits of an MBA Program

  1. Increased self-confidence

One study surveyed MBA graduates about their perceived financial and nonfinancial costs and benefits of their professional degree. Surprisingly, increased confidence was one of the highest-weighing and most important nonfinancial benefits of earning an MBA degree.

The feeling of accomplishment and the education and skill sets gained by earning this degree can improve anyone’s confidence as they make their way through the business world—and through life. By earning this degree while also balancing work, family, social life, and other personal commitments (and not losing your sanity) you will find an immense sense of reward and personal achievement.

  1. Credibility

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

There are different ways you can establish credibility in your firm and in your industry. You could volunteer for a project at work that stretches you beyond your comfort zone and shows off your hidden talents to company management. You could begin a solo side business or co-found one with family or friends to establish early credibility as a budding entrepreneur. But the academic version of street cred in the business world is the MBA degree.

  1. Transferable skills

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

Much of the knowledge and hard and soft skills you gain from earning your MBA is applicable across many industries. You become more skilled and versatile regardless of your industry or job title thanks to widely applicable qualities like leadership, critical and analytical thinking, creativity, and communication. Unlike career-specific advanced degrees like a teaching credential or a medical degree, an MBA can transfer easily to many industries and offer you a wide array of careers throughout your life.

  1. Curiosity

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

MBA graduates often possess an innate and insatiable curiosity. They know there is always something more to learn, and they endeavor to learn it. Earning the degree hones their ability to dig into competitive analyses, study emerging industries, and stay on top of all the newest developments, technologies, and trends in their industry. As Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Career options for MBA graduates

(SCMHRD Pune Direct MBA Finance Admission)

MBA Career options For MBA finance graduates, there are excellent array of career options ranging from financial management, consultants to analysts. Aside from these, you can also become a real estate planner in banks, an insurance advisor, or a credit manager. There is no denying about the high salaries that investment bankers earn as their main responsibilities are to raise capital and advise people on acquisitions. This is a sought after career option, which offers you scope for self-improvement.

MBA holders can also turn to the health care industry as a different career. As the number of medical facilities grows, and the population expands, trained professionals will be in more demand to make important decisions. This is where you can take the opportunity and use your financial abilities to take charge of the business side of these facilities.

You would be expected to help plan out strategic goals and set targets to minimise monetary losses, while at the same time increasing efficiency and productivity. As a health care executive, you are required to be computer savvy and fully knowledgeable about the most up-to-date systems that are currently being used in medical centres and clinics.

There are also other positions that are held by MBA-trained professionals. These include construction and regional management, which requires making regular visits to different shops as well as extensive travel. You would be responsible for paying monthly visits to all these shops, interacting with the floor managers, and providing support to them whenever necessary.

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