You are currently viewing SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR

SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR

SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR

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A brief on SCMHRD

SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR

SCMHRD, stands as an example for rigor and perfection, which prepares the students for tomorrow’s unpredictable events. We believe in inculcating in the students an attitude to constantly adapt to change, watch out for opportunities to grab and hurdles to overcome, to be able to survive in the fast-paced globalized economy. We believe that Manage-ment is an applied art and also science and can be best learned and inculcated if live and real time exposure is facilitated. To enable real and live learning we are engaging with various corporate to do live projects on problems that are of immediate concern to the students. The students at S.CMHRD not only get a good understanding of the Indian rural heartland but also the international market that they will have to perform in. They get sufficient understanding about what to do as responsible citizens of India and also of the commercial and ethical viability of the strategies that they will propose and implement. We truly believe that S.CMHRD is helping to create leaders and entrepreneurs who are in tune with the world around them, are sensitive of their surroundings, are functionally competent and attitudinally positive and most importantly ‘those who will sincerely persevere to the best of their ability’.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

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Admission process of this course

All Indian students are required to register and appear for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP). No candidate is entitled to seek admission to the MBA Programme of S.CMHRD without a valid SNAP score.

SNAP Exam Pattern

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • It will be a computer-based test.
  • Each incorrect answer will attract 25% negative marks.
  • There will be a total of 105 Normal Questions.
  • The test will comprise of 5 Special Questions under the Section of Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.
Section Total Questions Total Marks
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 34 51
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 36 54
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 40 45
Total 110 150

Level 2

Book the slot and Appear for Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Exercise and Personal Interaction (GEPI) process.

Admission will be based on the cumulative performance of the candidate in SNAP, Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Exercise and Personal Interaction (GEPI) as well as on the basis of the information provided by the candidate in the application forms.

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** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

The Written Ability Test (WAT) will comprise of 2 components for the MBA (BA) program.

  • Language Proficiency Test
  • Technical Ability Test

Technical Ability Test will comprise of the following:

  • Set Theory, Permutations, and Combinations, Maxima-Minima (Calculus), Matrices
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Basic Statistics (Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance, Correlation)
  • Elementary Probability Theory
  • Writing pseudo code (Programming)

Level 3

Declaration of final merit list by S.CMHRD

Particulars SNAP Score PI GE WAT
Weight Assigned 50% 30% 10% 10%

What is Manage-ment Quo-ta?

Manage-ment Quo-ta is a government authorized mechanism provided to private or deemed University by which students can secure Direct Admission in institute.

Manage-ment Quo-ta is only applicable in private or deemed Universities because they don’t receive any grants from the government. So government allows private Institutes to fill 15% of their seat through Manage-ment/ NRI Quo-ta Sea-ts.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

85% of the sea-ts are filled on merit basis and the remaining 15% sea-ts can be filled by the Manage-ment of that institute. However, there is eligibility criteria for the Manage-ment Quo-ta Sea-ts as well.

For example, in engineering, one must have at least 50% in Senior secondary school examination to apply for Manage-ment Quo-ta Seat. Similarly, for Medical and for other

How Can Ace1Guru can help you with Manage-ment Quo-ta Admissions?

Ace1Guru is an Education Consultancy firm that stepped in to offer help with admissions to struggling students in need. Often, students are unaware of the requisite fees when it comes to getting a seat through Manage-ment Quo-ta.

Most of the students are also innocent to the legality of the same, which leads to cheating and misleading of facts at the time of admission. With over a decade of experience and after placing over 1000 students in various institutes across the globe.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

Applying through Ace1Guru, a student can easily educate himself with the underlying rules of a desired course and approach an institute legally with the help of a well-informed consultant. Therefore to eliminate misconceptions or being cheated by misleading personnel, it is extremely important to carry out such kind of admissions through a reputed consultancy firm.

On the other hand, any given study institution prefers to go about with Manage-ment Quo-ta admissions through a consultancy as well.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

To put it perspicuously, Manage-ment Quo-ta is merely an advantage a student can use to rebuild and pursue a career of his choice in a reputed institution without the guilt of snatching the seat of a merit holder. It is also an opportunity to start afresh and build a career with utmost dedication without having to compromise on the comfort of a good college.

Is Manage-ment Quo-ta Legal?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. Government of India has authorized private and deemed college to fill 15% of their seat through Manage-ment Quo-ta.

The first thing that one is reminded of is bribe in the form of donation or several other terms when it comes to Manage-ment Quo-ta. The same rakes a couple of questions like, is Manage-ment Quo-ta legal? Is it fair? Is it not a way of cheating? And so on. Most of us would be surprised at the fact that Manage-ment Quo-ta is completely legal. Here’s how

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for HR **

Private colleges are usually run by a single or a group of investors who invest a huge chunk of capital to provide for great education. The 15 percent leeway acts as a barrier for the Manage-ment to cease losses and recover little by little of the capital invested. It also serves to meet the interests of the Manage-ment of a given institution.

Manage-ment Quo-ta therefore stands legal serving as a helping hand to the Manage-ment of any given deemed/ private institution.

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