You are currently viewing SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing

SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing

SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing

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SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing

It is a premier institute honing world class leaders and entrepreneurs. Established in 1993, S.C.M.H.R.D’s M.B.A program is one of the most prestigious programs in India. S.C.M.H.R.D specializes in producing quality talent in the fields of HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Infrastructure Development and Manage-ment, Business Analytics.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

The institute believes that wholesome knowledge is the distilled essence of our institutions corroborated by experience and practical learning. Hence the intense academic curriculum is designed such that it prepares students to deliver their best.

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Apart from academic excellence, the institute also focuses on equipping the students with the latest technical competencies used in the corporate world. It also provides opportunities to develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills through various student activities and institute initiatives. Association with National Entrepreneurship Network is one such initiative to breed young entrepreneurs.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

Let us know a brief on Marketing before opting for it

The MARKET-ING M.B.A is a concentration in the M.B.A (Master’s in Business Administration) is one of the most popular graduate degrees out there. Market-ing students study consumer behavior and create products that they will most likely want to buy.

An M.B.A in Market-ing has become one of the most desired degrees by both students and employers in recent years. With the shift to digital and online Market-ing, most businesses now have their own, in-house Market-ing teams specializing in bringing traffic and customers to the company.

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** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

While there are a number of specific areas of Market-ing, an M.B.A specializing in Market-ing doesn’t limit the degree holder to pursuing Market-ing careers alone. The skillset can be put towards dozens of other career options, from consulting to entrepreneurial Manage-ment.

However, if you like the sound of taking on a diversified role in an ever-changing landscape, the role of the Market-ing manager might just be your calling.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

The M.B.A in Marketing: Entry Requirements

The broad nature of Market-ing, encompassing everything and anything from art and design to human behavior and quantitative skills, means that almost any background can lend itself to the degree.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

The basic entry requirements for an M.B.A in Market-ing are a solid GMAT score and GPA and a bachelor’s degree – whether this is in a subject from the humanities or in pre-professional studies or anything in between. As with any other M.B.A degree or specialization, admissions officers will, for the most part, be looking to see at least two years of experience before accepting a student into a program.

Required Skills

Prospective students hoping to show they have the potential to become an excellent Market-ing manager require a broad skillset. Well-rounded individuals with skills in both mathematics and the softer skills, such as communications, tend to fare well in M.B.A in Market-ing specializations. Other desired skills for Market-ing typically include analytical and leadership skills.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **


Common courses found within M.B.A in Market-ing specializations include:

  • Market-ing Manage-ment
  • Operations Manage-ment
  • Consumer and brand insight strategy
  • Digital Market-ing and social media Manage-ment
  • Forecasting, modelling, and Market-ing strategy
  • New product strategy, branding, and Market-ing
  • International and multi-national Market-ing
  • Sales force Manage-ment

The M.B.A in Market-ing prepares you for more than careers in Market-ing. Some of the career options will include consulting, entrepreneurial careers, and general Manage-ment. The Market-ing M.B.A teaches skills you use in any field. You learn skills such as mathematics, communications, analytical, and, of course, Manage-ment.

** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

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** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

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** SCMHRD Pune Management Quota MBA Seats for Marketing **

What is Management Quota?

Manage-ment Quo-ta means these seats are reserved for those people who actually didnt qualify the eligibility criteria for getting a seat in college but are willing to spend almost two to four times the actual fee of the college. It is like the direct admission process in colleges.

Is Management Quota Legal?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. Government of India has authorized private and deemed college to fill 15% of their seat through Manage-ment Quo-ta.

The first thing that one is reminded of is bribe in the form of donation or several other terms when it comes to Manage-ment Quo-ta. The same rakes a couple of questions like, is Manage-ment Quo-ta legal? Is it fair? Is it not a way of cheating? And so on. Most of us would be surprised at the fact that Manage-ment quo-ta is completely legal. Here’s how

Private colleges are usually run by a single or a group of investors who invest a huge chunk of capital to provide for great education. The 15 percent leeway acts as a barrier for the Manage-ment to cease losses and recover little by little of the capital invested. It also serves to meet the interests of the Manage-ment of a given institution.

Manage-ment quo-ta therefore stands legal serving as a helping hand to the Manage-ment of any given deemed/ private institution.

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