Assured MBA Direct Admission in KJ Somaiya

Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai

Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai

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About the College KJ Somaiya

Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai

Management education as we know it is undergoing a paradigm shift with respect to its objectives and the purpose it serves.

The pace of change in the business environment due to digitization represents major challenges. At the same time it is imperative that businesses exist not only to make profits but also to ensure inclusive growth that encompasses all sections of society.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

Management education should become a platform where students who aspire to join the professional workplace should experience personal and professional transformation along with ample opportunities to take part in the digital and social transformations that are sweeping India and the world.

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K J Somaiya Institute of Management (SIMSR), which started in the year 1981 in the heart of Mumbai has the vision, “Our dream is to build a world class research and teaching institution that is global in the reach of its ideas and universal in its service”. SIMSR is committed to achieve exemplary stands in management education that will not only achieve its vision but also the redefined parameters of management education.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

SIMSR acknowledges that the student community continues to grow in the virtual space and wants to develop itself into global managers while inculcating the timeless principles of ethics and good governance.

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SIMSR continues relentlessly to raise the bar and set new benchmarks for the course curricula across all its MBA Programmes that go beyond the classroom to include learning through case studies, on-the-field experiential learning, developing entrepreneurial spirit and being part of socially relevant projects. In addition, industry interface in the form of guest lectures from industry experts, student clubs and committees, holistic self-management classes, sports facilities adds to the pedagogy. SIMSR thrives in nurturing the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical persona of the students to evolve as well-rounded human beings.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

The students are spoilt for choice as they get an opportunity to learn foreign languages like Mandarin and Spanish and opportunities for international immersions. We strive to embolden the spirit of victory in our students as they participate in competitions across the country and in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The institute also endeavors to provide a platform for students with entrepreneurial orientation.

Along with my faculty colleagues, staff, our illustrious alumni and Students, I welcome you wholeheartedly to SIMSR and look forward to partner you in your journey towards excellence. Together, let’s build a great future for our country and ourselves.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

MBA salaries are some of the highest on the job market

Among the benefits of an MBA degree, job security and high salary are some of the most important. The average income for an MBA graduate is much higher than an employee’s with a regular Master’s. You can expect to earn twice as much as what you would get from a regular university degree.

If you’re wondering what you can do with an MBA degree or what MBA jobs are available, here are some popular career choices: business operations manager, management analyst, market research analyst, top executive, HR manager, etc.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

Average salaries for MBA graduates

According to the QS Jobs & Salary Report, these are some of the average MBA annual salaries in the world:

  • In the US – 102,100 USD/year
  • In Canada – 99,800 USD/year
  • In Australia – 98,400 USD/year
  • In Singapore – 82,700 USD/year
  • In the UK – 92,400 USD/year
  • In Switzerland – 123,500 USD/year
  • In Germany – 77,200 USD/year
  • In France – 98,500 USD/year
  • In Italy – 86,400 USD/year

In two or three years, you cover the investment made with your MBA education.

Average MBA tuition fees

An MBA programme represents a considerable financial investment. To give you an idea about how much you might have to pay, we’ve listed the average tuition costs in popular study destinations offering MBAs.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

Keep in mind that you can find more affordable MBA degrees (under 10,000 EUR/academic year) in these countries. At the same time, top business schools can demand higher tuition than these average amounts. Some offer MBA programmes for 60,000 EUR/year with the most expensive going over 100,000 EUR/year.

  • The US – 35,000 EUR
  • The UK – 20,000 EUR
  • Australia – 17,000 EUR
  • Canada – 25,000 EUR
  • Spain – 20,000 EUR
  • Singapore – 35,000 EUR

Start your own company from scratch

Many students choose an MBA because they want to become entrepreneurs and learn how to start and grow a business. They have a big dream and want to know how to turn it into reality. Here’s why an MBA can help you become a successful entrepreneur:

MBA professors with real-life experience in starting a business can tell you the major traps you need to avoid and what you should do to make sure your company grows and remains stable over time.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

You can find MBA colleagues who have similar interests. Share your ideas with them and see if you can form a common vision. It’s easier to succeed with your start-up if you have a reliable partner who has your back and vice versa.

You’ll learn how to communicate effectively and why it is essential for the success of any organisation. Whether you’re negotiating a contract with the suppliers or explaining your vision to prospective investors, knowing how to express your ideas clearly can make the difference between winning or losing the support and attention of your audience.

** Secured MBA Admission in KJ Somaiya Mumbai **

Don’t believe you’re the only one who wants to become an entrepreneur. Many MBA graduates end up starting their own business. According to the GMAC research team, “B-school alumni entrepreneurs most often found their own companies (85 percent), and combined, over half establish businesses within the consulting (36 percent) or products/services industry (26 percent).”

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