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The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission .MBA and PGDM are lookalike degrees. Although MBA has its authenticity as a degree but at the same time PGDM is equivalent to a MBA degree and it saves a lot of time, simultaneously. But in MBA, the lessons are vast and with extra knowledge while PGDM is restricted.

In any way what you want to pursue completely should depend on your capability of coping up. But if you are in quest of colleges in Mumbai that can provide you with the best courses in both MBA/PGDM, here is a list of the best colleges in Mumbai – call @ Ace1Guru Visit our website  Call @ 9742479101 (Ankit Mishra) || 9742886036 (Anis) || 9035556036 (Mayur Gautam) ||

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

The following represent the institutes for both MBA / PGDM in Mumbai

KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (KJ SIMSR) – KJ SIMSR is an autonomous business institute. It has the best faculty for both MBA/PGDM providing specialisations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Analytics in a 2 year programme. The institute has great placement facilities. The regular recruiters are mainly Airtel, Amazon, Barclays Bank, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Bisleri etc. The highest salary offered at the time of placement went up to 28 LPA while the average was 10 LPA. Great leaders of today also belong to this institute as its alumni like Anuj Bhargava, CEO of AB Associates, Saru Kaushal, Country Business Head at American Express.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

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NMIMS University, Navi Mumbai – One the most reputed colleges in Mumbai, NMIMS is mostly famous for its MBA/PGDM course providing a two year programme with specialization offered in Marketing/ Finance/ Operations cum Supply Chain Management, Dual specialization in the three areas. The institute gives great opportunities to its students so that they can show their potential through the means of live projects, competitions, summer internships and placements too. This campus has an amazing placement history with regular recruiters like, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Clevertape etc.

S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research – Highly reputed SPJIMR offers a full time 2 year residential PGDM programme with specialization in Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations and Supply Moreover, the institute also provides internships to the students at the end of the 3rd semester.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center – This institute is located in Powai, Mumbai, is a well diversified campus. It provides a 22 month, full time programme providing specialization in Banking and Finance, Retail Management, Sales Management, Business Analytics. It also provides students with internships to offer them a needed real time experience at work. The campus also has an amazing 100% placement record. The regular recruiters are ICICI Prudential, ICICI Securities, Hindustan Unilever, TATA Communications.

Welingkar Institute of Management –This institute is located in Matunga West is known for its PGDM programme which is equivalent to MBA degree. It provides a 2 year full time programme with specialization in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Operations. Internships offered to this campus were from companies like TATA Power and TATA Salt. The placements of this institute are quite static with the highest salary offered as 18 LPA and average as 10 LPA. Regular recruiters are usually HP, Colgate-Palmolive, Casio, and Nokia.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) – Located at Bandra, MET has a number institute under it. It has ranked 13th at the Times Best Colleges in Maharashtra 2020. MET provides both MBA/PGDM courses. A 3 year part time programme is provided with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, System etc. The campus has good placement performance with the highest salary offered is of 15.5 LPA while the average was of 7.5 LPA. Regular Recruiters are Mahindra, Bajaj Alliance. Also, the much known bollywood actor, John Abraham is an alumnus of MET.

Chetna Institute of Management and Research – This institute provides a two year full time PGDM programme with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Systems. 100% assistance is provided to the students in terms of internships and placements. The placement performance is also good. The salary package amounts 5-8 LPA. Regular recruiters are companies like HDFC Ltd, ICICI Prudential, and ITC etc.

SIES College of Management Studies – SIESCOM is located at Nerul in Navi Mumbai, is affiliated to Mumbai University. It is among the 100 best colleges for business and management in India. One of its main programmes is both MBA/PGDM. It provides a two year full time programme concentrating on Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing Management etc. The placements are also great. The highest salary package offered was 17.5 LPA while the lowest was 6.8 LPA. Regular recruiters are American Express, Axis Bank, Blue Star, and Birla Mutant Fund etc.

ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai – This institute provides both MBA/PGDM. For PGDM it offers specialization in Marketing, Business Analytics, Retail Marketing, Finance, Digital Marketing, etc. For MBA, the institute provides specialization courses in marketing, human resource and finance. The campus has good placement records, highest salary being offered as 13LPA while lowest salary offered as 3.5 LPA. Companies providing recruitment from this institute are Godrej, Nestle, and ITC etc.

Athena School of Management – Located at Powai, Mumbai, Athena provides a 2 year full time PGDM programme offering specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, IT & Operations. Also, the college provides a 7-8 months internship to its students. The placement rate of this college has been 100% with the highest salary package offered being 14.5 LPA while the average being 6.5 LPA. Regular recruiters are companies like Ginger, TATA groups, 99acres, Vodafone, ITC, and ICICI etc.

So, these were the names of the best colleges in Mumbai that can provide you with the best of MBA/PGDM pursuing experience.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

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Here’s all you need to know about the MBA programme in Digital Transformation at NMIMS

The Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME) has launched a distinct management program in Digital Transformation.

MPSTME has opened this MBA in their Mumbai campus under the aegis of SVKM’s (Shree Vile Parle Kelwani Mandal) NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies).

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The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

What is MBA in Digital Transformation at MPSTME?

MPSTME’s MBA in Digital Transformation is a course for young professionals with two years’ work experience to learn innovative ways in digital transformations across industries.

Aim of the program: The course focuses on covering the gap in dealing with the challenges in incorporating new age, emergent technologies into business systems and processes.

The program aims to develop advanced digital skills and strategies for effectively integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain into businesses.

Various sectors like manufacturing, finance, education, and healthcare today face the need for digitized processes. The world is moving in more digitized ways. Graduates of the program will help expedite the digital transformation smoothly.

The current pandemic scenario has made digital integration in companies inevitable. The program will churn out graduates who can ease digital transformation processes across industries.

Pedagogy: The program is a blend of classroom sessions, industry exposure, capstone projects, and practical application. The course will furnish the students with the skills to design, implement, and manage digital innovations and disruptions in their businesses.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

The institute will set up digital labs as Centers of Excellence to provide students with access to the latest tools and technologies to pursue live projects. Students will interact with top-of-the-line organizations in the digital transformation world like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Who can enroll?

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/ MCA /BSc (IT)/ BSc (Computer Science) /BSc (Maths) or any other graduate degree with Math as a compulsory subject; a minimum of two years of industry experience.

Duration: two years (six trimesters)

Program type: full-time

Optional: one year (three trimesters) for Certificate in Digital Transformation with specialization tracks in Supply Chain Management, Fintech, Retail, etc.

Career Prospects: Students of the program have prospects for employment in consulting, sales, marketing. Graduates can work as Chief Digital Officer or head the client-interaction in sales.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

Admission procedure:

Applicants must pass the test: NMAT by GMAC and apply for the program.

Register for NMAT by GMAC on

Register and apply for NMIMS MBA at

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The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

Virtual internship experience: Learning’s, advantages and disadvantages

Reviews from student:

Greetings, My name is druuvi Nishar. I am a Bachelor of Data Science student at SP Jain School of Global Management, which is a 3-year program.

Having completed my first year in Mumbai and starting my second year virtually, I am looking forward to the remainder of my course in Sydney!

Currently, I am interning as a research student at The University of Massachusetts, Boston with Prof Lawrence Pohlman and Prof Debshis Guha as my guides and mentors for the project.

We are analysing 20 years’ worth of daily financial series data, including sector ETFs and the individual stocks in SP500, while also examining trends during a crisis period in the financial markets and comparing returns of various approaches.

We are using switching models and machine learning techniques to determine investment rotation strategies that outperform buy and hold.

I couldn’t be more obliged to our esteemed director Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta, for providing me with this holistic learning opportunity. I have also had constant support and help from our incredible faculty throughout the course of the program.

The academic structure of the BDS course has equipped me with everything essential for the internship project. I believe that the machine learning concepts and data visualization methods we learned, certainly helped improve our project.

Programming with Python, statistical knowledge, and mathematical applications are some of the key concepts that I was able to apply and get more favourable results.

Something that remarkably stood out was the fact that the algorithms and techniques that we were using and being taught are truly used in actuality! Portfolio optimization and switching models are something that emerged to be significantly interesting to me.

I came across new concepts every step of the way and couldn’t wait to explore further and dive-in deeper.

While remote internships come with their own set of challenges and complexities, like communication and coordination among the team members or not being surrounded by an organizational environment, it is also the reason this internship was possible in the first place.

With an online setting, we had the chance to be flexible with our time frames and schedules and also develop better ways to communicate efficiently.

I have genuinely enjoyed every element of this internship, be it the exchange of diverse cultural ideas on our weekly zoom call or sharing the festivals we are celebrating amidst a pandemic.

One of the most remarkable skills I have learned to develop would be the ability to adapt to any situation and embrace the hurdles that it proposes.

I have had the privilege to earn insights into the financial domain and develop my interests and skills.

I studied Bayesian Machine learning, Principal Component Analysis, Markov regression, and Efficient Frontier Analysis for optimizing portfolio returns while minimizing volatility using VIX as a signal.

I am assuredly hoping to implement them soon. My mentors have been an exceptional inspiration to me and have taught me the most.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

By Dhruvi Nishar – Studentof BDS Batch, SP Jain School of Global Management

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Tighten the bolt on CAT 2020 preparation

This Sunday is the day you have marked in your calendar as the D-day for the catwalk.

The CAT is the numero uno of all entrance tests for aspirants pursuing graduation in management. No other test in India hogs the limelight as much as the CAT.

The reason most B-schools across the country accept the CAT score, leave a few who run their house tests like XAT, NMAT, or SNAP. Besides, the IIMs who conduct the CAT use only the CAT score. And an IIM admission is the holy grail of the MBA degree in India.

Those of you who will be taking the CAT this year are almost ready to bell the CAT. But you might yet look for that final kick to score a goal. Without getting tense, look for quick revision of the sections.

Experts have suggested that a calm mind is the best one to win any competition. Eat healthily and sleep well. Be smart and stay on top.

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

Those who have scored 99 and 100 percentiles in previous CAT’s have adhered to a schedule in the final moments:

  • The flashcards you had made while learning the concepts come in handy now. Pull them out and revise the important points.
  • Take section-wise and full-length mocks using a timer.
  • Take the full-length mocks at the same time as your CAT slot.
  • Do not let mock scores dampen your spirits.
  • Analyze the mocks to see where you can improve the score.
  • Strategize how you will tackle each section. CAT rewards you for attempting the easy questions first. It also penalizes you for wasting time on difficult ones.
  • Follow a healthy diet and sleep pattern.
  • Stay positive and composed.

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Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension: Regular readers of newspapers/articles/books sure score better than the rest. But you cannot skip passages. You must learn to select familiar topics and passages that have direct questions with the least confusing options. When you solve RC, you must:

The Best of MBA/ PGDM Colleges in Pune Direct Admission

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