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Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru

Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru

Nowadays opting MBA after graduation is very common since there are many benefits in pursuing MBA degree. Ace1Guru– the only Education Consultancy in Bangalore which provides Direct Admission on time. Ace1Guru is a Leading Educational and Admission Guidance Consultancy in Bangalore serving all over India for almost all professional courses Admission. Get in touch with us for Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru

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What actually is Management Quota Seat?

Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru

Management Quota is a government authorized mechanism provided to private or deemed University by which students can secure Di-rect Admi-ssion in institute.

Management Quota is only applicable in private or deemed Universities because they don’t receive any grants from the government. So government allows private Institutes to fill 15% of their seat through management/ NRI Quota Seats.

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** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

85% of the seats are filled on merit basis and the remaining 15% seats can be filled by the management of that institute. However, there is eligibility criteria for the management Quota Seats as well.

For example, in engineering, one must have at least 50% in Senior secondary school examination to apply for management Quota Seat. Similarly, for Medical and for other

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

What is the fees when getting Admission through Management Quota?

The fees of a management Quota student is usually 3 – 4 times the normal fees. There is a simple reason for this.

From the management point of view, this is their chance to fill 15% of the seats on their discrepancy and it is economically good for the Institute, which is authorized by the government.

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

From the student’s point of view, they are simply compensating for the low grades with financial aid to the institute and getting a chance to get same education as the meritorious students.

Simply put, this is a win-win case for the students and for the Institute.

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How Ace1Guru provides Direct Admission in Top MBA Colleges

Ace1Guru is an Education Consultancy firm that stepped in to offer help with admi-ssions to struggling students in need. Often, students are unaware of the requisite fees when it comes to getting a seat through management quota.

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

Most of the students are also innocent to the legality of the same, which leads to cheating and misleading of facts at the time of admi-ssion. With over a decade of experience and after placing over 1000 students in various institutes across the globe.

Applying through Tru-mp Career Solution, a student can easily educate himself with the underlying rules of a desired course and approach an institute legally with the help of a well informed consultant. Therefore to eliminate misconceptions or being cheated by misleading personnel, it is extremely important to carry out such kind of adm-issions through a reputed consultancy firm.

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** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

On the other hand, any given study institution prefers to go about with management quota admis-sions through a consultancy as well.

To put it perspicuously, Management quota is merely an advantage a student can use to rebuild and pursue a car-eer of his choice in a reputed institution without the guilt of snatching the seat of a merit holder. It is also an opportunity to start afresh and build a care-er with utmost dedication without having to compromise on the comfort of a good college.

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

We provide Di-rect Adm-ission/ Management Quota seat with the help of reference and recommendation of highly influential person.

Job Opportunities after MBA in India and Career Scope:

M.B.A students must have complete knowledge of job opportunities available after M.B.A in India. Based on that, you will have to nurture your car-eer interest. Business planning, consulting, client relations, resources or system analysis are expected to be a part of your job profile. However, let us take a more specific view of the job opportunities available after M.B.A in India: –

Banking & Finance: The Banking & Finance domain includes portfolio management and security & investment analysis. M.B.A graduates can find jobs in banks, insurance companies, security firms and various financial organisations. Some of the top companies that offer jobs in this domain are Barclays, RBS, Nomura, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc.

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

As far as the banks concerned, jobs are available in both public and private sector banks. For getting jobs in public sector banks, students need to clear the recruitment exams conducted by the respective banks. For jobs in private banks, students need to take part in the selection process conducted by banks that involve Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Written Ability Test etc.

Investment Banking: Jobs in the investment banking area have high demand in the market. Some of the top companies that hire suitable candidates for this role are Bank of American Continuum, Motilal Oswal, SBI Capital Markets etc., The responsibility of the employees in this field is to connect investors to fund-needing organisations.

** Top Colleges Direct MBA Admission via Ace1Guru **

Management Consulting: If you are good at problem-solving, jobs in management consulting are most suitable for you. The responsibility of the professionals in management consulting is to solve organisational issues. He/she is also responsible for embracing fresh ideas and new problem-solving methods.

Some of the popular companies that hire M.B.A graduates as management consultants are Cartesian Consulting, PeopleStrong, Deloitte, Michael Page, Infosys Management Consulting, PwC, KPMG, BCC (Bain) and Cognizant Business Consulting.

Entrepreneurship: Nowadays, entrepreneurship has turned out to be the most favourite option among the M.B.A graduates. The M.B.A enhances the capability of the students to become an entrepreneur. Experience does not matter if you want to become an entrepreneur. Students need creative and innovative skills to excel in this car-eer.

Data Analytics: Due to the digital revolution, big data has become significant for all types of business such as e-commerce, retail, banking and management. Many popular B-Schools have started offering data analytics course in M.B.A. Popular companies such as LatentView Analysis, Fractal Analytics etc., hire M.B.A graduates as data analysts or data scientists.

Private Equity: Similar to investment banking, the investment acumen of a person comes into action in a job profile associated with private equity. Job opportunities in this domain are wide and some of the popular companies that recruit M.B.A graduates for job roles in private equity are Fullerton, Fidelity Investments, Axis Securities, JP Morgan Chase, Kotak Wealth Management, Bajaj Finserv, ICIC Prudential Asset Management, Indiabulls Housing Finance etc.,

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