Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission

Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission

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Pune or Poone

Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission

Pune is dotted with palaces and temples that are reminiscent of the city’s ancient heritage, the most important of these being the Shaniwar Wada palace and the Aga Khan palace. The Shaniwar Wada palace is a sprawling monument that used to serve as the seat of power for the Peshwa rulers back during the Maratha Empire. Constructed by Peshwa Baji Rao I after his victory in the Third Anglo Maratha War, this palace is no less than an architectural marvel. Comprising of nine bastions, five gateways, intricate latticework and a beautiful mountain, the Shaniwar Wada Palace allows you a glimpse into the history and architecture of the Peshwas.

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Some Famous places in Poone

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The Aga Khan Palace is another palace that is steeped in history. Built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III this palace has been witness to countless important events in the Indian war of independence, including the imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi and other important freedom fighters. Boasting of beautiful Italian arches, lush green lawns and large hallways which are now used to display exhibits from the lives of various freedom fighters, the Aga Khan Palace is an important tourist attraction, especially for history buffs.

The Singhagad Fort is a must-visit spot in Poona, and due to its alluring location on the Bhuleshwar Range of the Sahyadri Mountains, it offers excellent trekking trails to the top of the cliffs. The fort once acted as a very important military outpost during the Maratha reign, but a large part of it lies in ruins today – a fading remnant of the glorious past. For those wishing to experience the grandiose Maratha architecture coupled with stunning views of the Sahyadris, the Singhagad fort is a must-visit tourist attraction. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)

Poona is also home to many temples, the important ones you can visit is the Dagaduseth Halwai Ganpati Temple, the Pataleshwar Cave Temple, and the Chaturshringi Temple. While Poona has plenty of options for eating, ranging from street food to high-class restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines, Poona is renowned for its bakery items. Ranging from a variety of cookies, pastries to even cakes, don’t forget to try out Poona’s mouth-watering bakery items.

Often referred to as the Oxford of the East, Poona is a bustling hub of multifarious people and activities and is in the contention for rapidly growing into one of the top metropolitan cities in the country. When someone says Poona, you immediately think of a laidback, yet lively town with a young and vivacious crowd that welcomes every visitor with an open heart. However, there is a lot more to Poona than just its youthful vigour.

Behind the modern commercialized façade of Poona lies the roots of ancient Poona, which gave birth to the Maratha Empire and had a very crucial role to play in the history of India’s independence. Poona is a city that perfectly blends modernity with tradition, and it deserves the title of being the cultural capital of Maharashtra. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course

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Master of Business Administration or simply M.B.A is a 2-year postgraduate degree course aimed at developing Manage ment and business skills in students. It is one of the most reputed degree courses and offers lucrative job prospects. M.B.A course is done in both semester and trimester form depending upon the college.

In order to be eligible to pursue an M.B.A degree, students should have at least completed their graduation. However, most of the co-lleges consider certain M.B.A Entrance Exam results for ad-mission. M.B.A course teaches students about various business and Manage ment skills. They learn how the corporate industry operates and how the business world works.

Some of the prominent skills taught include:

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  • Collaborative Team Work
  • Individualized Self-Discipline
  • Interaction with People
  • Crisis Handling

The course aim is to make socially responsible managers capable of managing teams and providing valuable insights. They should work for the benefit of the organization and the customer service as a whole. The regular M.B.A course includes mandatory internships during the breaks in both the years. It is done to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of the students. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)

M.B.A: Syllabus

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M.B.A Subjects are designed in accordance with the latest and contemporary needs of the business world. The course curriculum includes a brief study of old but relevant business techniques which are still beneficial. The Manage ment strategies with which students are enlightened are conspicuous in the M.B.A syllabus. The weightage of external and internal examination is 60% and 40% respectively.

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The course delivery methods comprise:

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  • Classroom lectures
  • Guest lectures from qualified professionals
  • Fieldwork
  • Internships

An overview of the M.B.A Syllabus is given below:

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SubjectTopics CoveredObjective
Manage ment Process & Organizational BehaviorIntroduction to Manage ment, Process of Manage ment, Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior, Individual & Group Behavior and Process in OrganizationThis course is designed to expose the students to fundamental concepts of Manage ment, its processes and behavioural dynamics in organizations. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)
Decision SciencesDescriptive Statistics, Linear Programming, Decision Theory, Transportation ProblemsTo expose students to quantitative techniques in Manage ment decision making.
Managerial EconomicsIntroduction, Demand Analysis and Theory of Production, Theory of Cost and Market Structures, Introduction to Macro EconomicsThe course is aimed at building a perspective necessary for the application of modern economic concepts, precepts, tools and techniques in evaluating business decisions taken by a firm. The course will also look at recent developments in business in the context of economic theory. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)
Accounting for Manage mentNature of Accounting Information, Cost Accounting, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Decision-Making TechniquesThe course aims at enabling students to understand the basic accounting principles and techniques of preparing & presenting the accounts for users of accounting information. The course also familiarizes the students with the basic cost and Manage ment accounting concepts and their applications in managerial decision making.
Information Technology Manage mentComputer Hardware and Number System, Computer Software, Data Communication and Network, Functional and Enterprise SystemsThe primary objective of this course is to familiarize the student with basic concepts of information technology and their applications to business processes. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)
Business CommunicationTheory of Communication, Forms of Communication, Important Parameters in Communication, Other Communication ParametersTo train students to enhance their skills in written as well as oral communication through practical conduct of this course. This course will help students in understanding the principles & techniques of business communication.
Business and Legal EnvironmentMeaning of Business Environment, Planning and Economic Policies, Business Legislation, Overview of Economic LegislationThis course is intended to make students understand various social, political, legal and economic and other factors that influence business in India so as to enable them to appreciate associated opportunities, risks and challenges and their relevance for managerial decisions. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)
Manage ment of Technology, Innovation and ChangeTechnology Manage ment, Change Manage ment, Innovations Manage ment, Creative and Lateral Thinking Manage mentThis course is designed to help students to understand the importance of managing technology, innovation and change at the firm’s level and also at the national level.
Financial Manage mentNature and Scope of Financial Manage ment, Planning for Sources of Finance, Retained Earning Vs. Dividend Decision, Capital BudgetingThe course is aimed at building an understanding of concepts, vital tools and techniques applicable for financial decision making by a business firm. (Get Top Pune MBA/PGDM Colleges Management Quota Admission 2020 Session)
Marketing Manage mentIntroduction to Marketing, Product and Pricing Decisions, Promotion and Distribution Decisions, Emerging Trends and Issues in MarketingThe course aims at making students understand concepts, philosophies, processes and techniques of managing the marketing operations of a firm.

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