Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission. Are you considering for MBA. We live in an era where everyone—from fresh graduates to those with some years of work experience—wants to get an MBA!

Most of the time, people make this decision without really knowing the purpose behind an MBA or how an MBA helps them. Perhaps the biggest blunder most MBA aspirants commit is to prepare for MBA applications without answering the question—

‘Why MBA’ may be one of the shortest questions in the professional world, but it is one of the (if not the) most important questions. You will be making several decisions and sacrifices on professional and personal fronts to get the MBA tag. You know that it will be a life-changing experience for you!

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Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

For some of you out there, this is possibly the second most important decision in your life right after your decision to get married—both in terms of major life changes and investment. How does knowing the answer to this fundamental question help you? Well, we have a few ideas.

What is the Purpose of an MBA?

(Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

Most people think that an MBA is just a trend. Do you wonder why it might be more than that? Imagine you live in Germany but you don’t speak German. Let’s say this is similar to you wanting to succeed in business without knowing any of the business principles or skills required. Can you survive in Germany without the language? Sure, you can! Will it be full of mistakes and risks? Most definitely! The bottom line is that if you want to succeed in your business, you need to learn the business principles. Simple?

Let us give you 6 quick reasons to understand the importance of the question—Why MBA:

If you want to invest in self-growth, you should go for an MBA. This will boost your personality, giving you skills that are much-needed to take you to the next level. It helps you gain interpersonal skills through vigorous training, classroom debates and discussions.

If you want a general understanding of the business rather than specialized skills in one dimension alone, an MBA is a must-have. An MBA can help you understand the bigger picture where most others can only make sense of their own special field. Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

Most of the top organizations have MBA as a requirement at entry levels. These management trainees find it easy to climb the corporate ladder, because they come equipped with the skills necessary.

The MBA degree has a far reach. You want to be able to fit into a diverse culture in an organization abroad. An MBA can help you here. Look at the top heads of brands across US, UK, or Canada. You will find Indians and Asians with an MBA heading them.

If you think about Return on Investment, you will see that post-MBA employees earn a higher package than any other counterpart.

“Why MBA” is a question that you will be constantly bombarded with—be it in your application essays or during your interview. It is important to have an answer that is compelling and convincing. Figure this question out right at the beginning, and it will help you in your journey towards your MBA.

 What are the Top Seven Reasons to Do an MBA?

(Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

 To Make Progress in Your Career

It’s a wild, competitive world out there! Extremely performance-oriented where you need to be on top of your game—100% of the time. If you get the recognition you deserve for being smart, hardworking and results-oriented, you will easily make it to a middle management position. Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

This is when things get tricky. Promotions seem harder to come by. You have to bring another 100% even when you are at your optimum output to prove that you are not just another brick in the wall.

That’s right. Just get an MBA! (Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

How do we know an MBA will help you shift careers? If you look through the placement reports of major B-schools around the world, you will find that many students switch over to a new career right after graduating. Their pay packages are significantly high as well.

It goes to show that an MBA is a great way to switch over into a different career. Take a look at our guide to post-MBA careers for more.

A quick note of caution here, though: Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

In India, people usually take the CAT and go for an MBA or a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management or Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration immediately after graduation. This means that they have no work experience when they graduate with an MBA, a PGDM, or a PGDBM. So, employers only have their academic record to look at, which makes the hiring process simple and straightforward.

If you do your MBA through the GMAT, however, you will need some work experience before you can start your MBA program. That way, when it comes to hiring, employers will look at not only your academic record but also your work experience. This can be more challenging to tackle because you will have to field a wider variety of questions.

Why I’m choosing an MBA in India (Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

Exciting career opportunities

As the fifth-largest economy in the world, India is an attractive option for anyone with dreams of making it in the world of business. India is also home to over 7,700 technology startups, adding over 1,000 in 2018.

For Ishka, India’s rapidly developing economy was a key reason she chose to explore an MBA there.

“[India] is constantly at the forefront of innovation [and] the MBA programs offered by the universities that I visited all integrated a career-focused curriculum into their courses,” she says. Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

Nabil, who is considering an MBA after four years in engineering, hopes to learn lessons from India that he can apply back home.

“The attraction here is that the economy is stable and education is world-class,” he says. “I hope I can start my MBA here as I believe that from India you can invest in your own country.”

An MBA destination like no other (Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

While neither Ishka, Nabil, or Nada had spent much time in India before visiting their chosen business schools, they all returned with glowing reports of the country.

“I have made amazing friends for life, discovered different cultures and types of food, and most importantly I was provided with valuable tools to help me make the right choices in order to achieve my career goals,” Ishka reports of her experience. Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission

The warmth and hospitality of the people is what stood out for Ishka the most. People in India, she says, were always prepared to go out of their way to accommodate her and make her feel comfortable.

For Nada, the trip to India was her first time abroad and she is determined to return for an MBA degree. “I’m sure if I did my MBA in India it would definitely be a changing point in my career,” she says.

(Why MBA May Be Right for You Direct Admission)

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