You are currently viewing Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore

Ranked among the top universities in India and considered a cerebral destination for students across the world and B’lore in particular, for its illustrious history of developing talent, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is a hub for learning in every sense of the word. Get in touch with us for Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore.

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Know more about Jain College Bangalore

Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore

The University which is based in B’lore – the Silicon Valley of India, offers a conducive environment for learning, be it academically or extracurricular activities. Known for its emphasis on education, entrepreneurship, research and sports, Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) has some of the best minds in the educational and research fields, and centers that inspire entrepreneurship and ground breaking work to simplify and manage life better.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

What makes Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) different is its outlook towards life, its values and beliefs. Its ever-evolving and open-minded system and quest for continued success and resilience, has made it one of the top universities in India.

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Learning and Teaching

Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University), on being conferred the status of a Deemed to be University, has capitalized on the opportunity to bring in innovation in the syllabus and course structure.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

The courses are designed to cater to student diversity and their ability to cope with the programs. To provide quality education, conventional teaching methodologies are complemented with the use of ICT and digital technology. Several innovative pedagogies such as adaptive learning, case studies, interactive tutorials, and cognitive and affective learning are used for teaching. To complement what is offered as part of formal courses, a range of value-added programs is made available to learners.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

The University has a rigorous life skills program for all learners. For UG students registered under Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University), there is a compulsory paper on Mind Mgmt and Human Values in either the first or second semester. The program allows the holistic development of the learner during his/her time at the institution. A conscious effort at Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) is to adopt a learner-centered approach. Faculties have been extensively trained in the learner-centric approach and conscious efforts have been made to implement the same in the classes.

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The goal of Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) is to make every classroom space for learning rather than a zone for teaching. Classroom activities provide several opportunities for diverse skills to find legitimate expression. Group discussions, case studies, role-plays, simulations, and seminars are regular features of classroom activities. Modern technology is also put to effective use with the faculty being adept at using the LCD in regular classrooms. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) techniques including video-recorded lectures being made available to students are part of the support system available at the University.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

Innovation in teaching/learning methods is a continuous endeavor. Best practices are shared among colleagues and at inter-departmental seminars at campuses. The University encourages its faculty members to upgrade their skills regularly. Faculty development programs are conducted every academic session and staff members are encouraged to organize and attend seminars, conferences, and workshops.

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The University is governed by the Board of Mgmt, the highest statutory body. Its membership is as per UGC guidelines.

The Planning and Monitoring Board meets periodically, reviews the progress made on implementation of policies, and develops strategic plans for the University.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

The Finance Committee monitors the flow of funds and approves the budget for the University. The audited statement of accounts for the University comes under the scrutiny of this committee.

The Academic Council, the largest statutory body of the University, is responsible for ensuring high quality standards of educational programs. It has members from renowned institutions and well-known organisations who advise in framing Regulations, Curriculum and Syllabi for the programs offered at JU. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairman of this Council.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

Each faculty has a Board of Studies whose members are domain experts from the industry and other renowned institutions and from within, giving directions for any changes required for the success of the academic programs.

Postgraduate Programs

The University provides a wide range of postgraduate programs with a focus on relevance, application, and practicality. With our postgraduate programs, students will gain knowledge at a higher level, learn to consider different views, manage time and develop research, presentation and writing skills. With experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, students are exposed to ideas and activities that will encourage them to take up research and contribute to their field of study.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

Academic Programs

Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) offers 51 postgraduate courses out of which 45 are in innovative/emerging areas.

Postgraduate Admi-ssions

Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University) offers real time, job-ready programs and an academic rigour that places you among the best talents in the country. You can choose from a wide array of over 50 programs in innovative and emerging areas which are peer-assisted, blended and interactive. Whether it is technology, sciences, business, sports or the arts, the faculty and staff are highly experienced and qualified to lead you toward your best. The curriculum and pedagogy are hands-on, distinctive and contemporary. You will be challenged to be enterprising and think independently. Whether it is examining the minute details in forensic sciences or strategizing the future of a multinational business, Ja-in (Deemed-to-be University)’s inter-disciplinary programs and its extensive industry networks give you an ideal opportunity to excel in your chosen area of academic practice.

** Management Quota Direct MBA Admission Jain College Bangalore **

Join one of the top ranking universities in India and experience the whole new world of learning.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The University provides financial aid to the needy and eligible students. Merit scholarships for the meritorious students are provided every academic year. Fee concession is provided for economically weaker students and students belonging to disadvantaged groups. A special test for merit scholarship is conducted for the mgmt students and scholarships are awarded. The eligibility for taking the test is 80% in the qualifying exam. Merit scholarships are given to students as an incentive for improving their performance. Sports scholarships are given to outstanding sports persons in the form of fee concessions, cash incentives, sponsorships to tournaments, etc.

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